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Visit Botswana

Visit Botswana

I’ve been traveling to Africa since 2000, and in that time, I have visited all or most of the countries in Eastern and Southern Africa and a few in West Africa. The most recent (and lucky number 13) was the country of Botswana. Botswana is a fascinating country and is the largest supplier of diamonds. It has a government that has a great reputation of providing for its people which shows as the level of education and health care for its people is one of the highest in Africa.

There are so many wonderful things to say about Botswana and reasons to visit Botswana. The people are wonderful and the wildlife amazing. But there is more to Botswana that a visitor should know about when planning a trip to Botswana.

Visit Botswana

First, while Botswana can be more expensive than other African destinations, there is good reason for that. The country prides itself on its conservation and thus tightly controls development, the number of lodges and camps allowed and takes great pride in the fact that it does not allow trophy hunting. It does a great job of managing its wildlife populations. In fact, Chobe National Park has the densest population of elephants in Africa.

elephant in water

In addition, it has the iconic Okavango Delta. One of the seven wonders of Africa, it is a large flood plain with water coming from Angola and what is unique is that the waters do not flow into any sea or ocean. The Delta is an amazing place to visit with the ability to go for walks, game drives and a ride in a “makoro” or canoe. Each of these activities not only allow you see traditional “big 5” wildlife but an incredible amount of birdlife and unique animals to the Delta including the unique red lechwe, an antelope that is always found near or in the water.


Many of the camps in Botswana are very eco-friendly. For example, several of the camps I stayed at do not use water bottles. Instead they purify their water using reverse osmosis to eliminate plastic bottles. And at Chobe Game Lodge their safari vehicles are actually electric! Using electric vehicles is not only eco-friendly but by being so quiet you can approach animals without disturbing them.


So, if you want to see elephants bathing in the river, red lechwe leaping in the water as well as lions, leopards, giraffes, zebra, buffalo and a multitude of bird life, it’s time for you to visit Botswana!

Alan Feldstein, Infinite Safari Adventures | December 16, 2016

Infinite Safari Adventures creates custom wildlife and adventure safaris for its clients. Come on safari with us and experience the ultimate in attention to detail, responsiveness and care. Our philosophy is simple – we were once safari clients like you and we will treat you with the same high standards as we would expect ourselves.

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