The Best 2017 Wedding Destinations Abroad
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The Best 2017 Wedding Destinations Abroad

Wedding Destinations

Wedding Destinations

Getting hitched in the UK is lovely, but it always has its downfalls. The weather. Will it rain, even in July? You can guarantee that you’ll have nice weather every day of the month and the day of your wedding it’ll pour it down with rain.

To get away from the miserable UK weather, more and more people are choosing to get married abroad in countries like Italy and France. You’re pretty much guaranteed to have gloriously sunny and warm weather if you wed in another warm country, so it’s obvious to see why it’s a popular decision.

So, if you’re thinking of getting married abroad and you’re stuck for ideas, here’s a few ideas for wedding destinations. You’re welcome!


1. Fiji

Fiji, in the heart of the South Pacific, is breath-taking country made up of a collection of 333 tropical islands. Fiji is famous for its blue lagoons that are perfect for diving, white sandy beaches and bright coral reefs. The islands have a rich natural landscape and some of the islands are inhabited, most are not so there is lots of untouched land to explore.

When it comes to weddings, Fiji really knows how to do them well. There are lots of different options for venues on the islands, so there really is a venue to suit everyone’s tastes. If the sea has a special place in your heart, you could get married on board a luxury yacht or cruise ship. If you get married on one of the islands, the stunning forest, beach and sea backdrops will create a blissful and romantic atmosphere for your wedding.


2. Barbados

Famous for its idyllic palm trees and crystal clear seas Barbados is the ideal exotic wedding destination. Whether you’d prefer a wedding that’s a little more exotic or a more traditional option, Barbados has the ideal location for you. You could even get married on a catamaran!

Barbadian cuisine has a mixture of English, Indian and African influences and the food is guaranteed to be fresh and flavoursome. Seafood is heavily on the menu owing to the rich variety of different species that inhabit the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, which both border the island. Fish such as tuna, shark, salmon, shrimp and lobsters are a favourite menu choice and your wedding guests will be treated a freshly caught meal.


3. Mauritius

Wedding Destinations

The beautiful island of Mauritius is the home of dream beach weddings, owing to the miles of blue sea, sun kissed sands and stunning sea life. Named after the Dutch Prince Maurice Van Nassau, the island of Mauritius has miles and miles of natural beauty, just perfect for the backdrop to your wedding.

There are plenty of options for the location of your wedding too, a secluded beach would be perfect for you if you’re a beach babe at heart or there are a whole host of beautiful gardens or terraces to tie the knot.


4. Cyprus

Known for its rich history that spans over 10,000 years, Cyprus is one of the most stunning and luxurious locations for a wedding. Cyprus is one of the oldest civilisations in the Mediterranean and as legend has it, Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love was said to be born in Paphos, Cyprus.

With such a rich history, it’s no surprise that Cyprus has a variety of different types of venues such as a beach, hotel, villa, yacht or a church. Or if you’d prefer a more traditional wedding with a touch of Cyprus, there are traditional weddings available, with an authentic Cypriot feel.


5. The Maldives

The Maldives is one of the most luxurious wedding destinations in the world. Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, there are miles and miles of clear turquoise lagoons and white sandy beaches which creates the perfect background for your dream wedding.

The Maldives is the home of the beach weddings and imagine walking barefoot in the warm Maldivian sands, giving your closest family and friends the adventure of a lifetime.

Dennis Star, Sense PR | February 20, 2017

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