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10 Essential Antarctica Travel Tips
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10 Essential Antarctica Travel Tips

10 Essential Antarctica Travel Tips If you're like me, Antarctica is probably at the top of your bucketlist...well, for me it was since I finally got to go last December! But pre-Antarctica me is probably like you in a sense that I wasn't fully sure what to expect or really how to prepare for this epic journey! But ten days, four of which were spent on the dreaded Drake Passage, a paddleboarding ...
The Top 10 Best Islands in the World
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The Top 10 Best Islands in the World

World’s Best Islands - Top 13 Dreaming of an island getaway? Get inspired with this list of 13 of our best islands. Thirteen travel enthusiasts had their say on what their best islands are! Here’s the list of the world’s best islands. Add them to your bucket list!

1. Cape Breton Island – Canada Recommended by Alannah McEwan, from Itchy Feet Travel Cape Breton is first on our list of ...
Best Hotels in Asia – Family Friendly
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Best Hotels in Asia – Family Friendly

We have stayed in hundreds of hotels, some good, some strange, some terrible and some great. Sometimes, a hotel stays with you a long time after you have checked out. The following list is our top 5 best hotels in Asia. Each of these hotels have a quality that makes them great. In no particular order, 5 of the best hotels in Asia are:

Elephant Safari Park Hotel, Bali The Elephant ...
Natural Wonders – Patricia Schultz
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Natural Wonders – Patricia Schultz

Natural Wonders I have always been the first to admit that my suggested list of 1000 Places was just an appetizer, a glorious sampling of the planet's wonders. For explorers convinced that there is still so much to be found off the beaten path, the newly published book Atlas Obscura offers a round up of 600 places that are at once quirky and inspiring, oddball and fascinating - and sometimes just a little ...
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10 Affordable Destinations for Summer 2016

Here are 1000TravelTips most Affordable Destinations for Summer 2016: San Francisco and Sonoma County, California San Francisco is not typically synonymous with affordable, but new flight routes and lower hotel prices make the Bay Area a great destination for an affordable summer getaway this year. Flights: Round-trip flights from New York are well under $400 during the summer. ...
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Myanmar: The Golden Land

Myanmar With the closely watched parliamentary elections carried off successfully - and surprisingly peacefully - during my visit this past November, Myanmar (still called Burma by many) is looking to the future with cautious optimism. The new government, led by the democracy leader and Nobel Peace Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi (referred to as "The Lady" by both her devoted followers and ...
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Hot Destinations for 2016

Annually, the editors and writers at create the TravelSquire 28 Hot Destinations List. The goal is to cover the globe and sprinkle in places of interest on every continent from grand destinations and dream locations to the easy, close to home charmers. To give you a sample of what we love this year, we’ve selected seven destinations, from the total of 28, that touch on each part of the ...
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6 Volunteer Trips to Take in 2016

Volunteer Trips for 2016 Olivia Briggs, | January 27, 2016 Work on an Organic Farm Truly make a real difference by contributing to sustainable initiatives that affect food and agriculture in a community as a volunteer with World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF). They have programs available on organic farms in over 100 countries. As a volunteer, you'll work four to six ...
Culture and First Time Travel
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Culture and First Time Travel

First Time Travel - Tips and Advice Bree Allen, Travel Writer | January 21, 2016 Traveling to experience unfamiliar cultures allows for a huge amount of personal growth and a deeper understanding of the true SELF. Foreign cultures widen our perspective, allowing us to gain a new level of understanding and desire to pursue the unknown. However, the journey through this transformative process isn’t always ...
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12 Destinations to Visit in 2016

Christine Sarkis, 1. Wroclaw, Poland Following near destruction during World War II, this Polish city spent the following decades trying to rebuild and embrace its German, Jewish and Polish heritage. In 2016, Wroclaw is designated as the 30th annual European Capital of Culture, along with San Sebastian, Spain. Throughout the new year, Wroclaw will be one of Europe’s top cultural centers ...
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