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10 Essential Antarctica Travel Tips
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10 Essential Antarctica Travel Tips

10 Essential Antarctica Travel Tips If you're like me, Antarctica is probably at the top of your bucketlist...well, for me it was since I finally got to go last December! But pre-Antarctica me is probably like you in a sense that I wasn't fully sure what to expect or really how to prepare for this epic journey! But ten days, four of which were spent on the dreaded Drake Passage, a paddleboarding ...
Choose Mineral Sunscreen over Regular SPF
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Choose Mineral Sunscreen over Regular SPF

6 Places You Can Only Go Wearing Mineral Sunscreen Did you know that regular sunscreen is so harmful that you can’t wear it in certain places? Regular sunscreen contains a chemical called Oxybenzone, which could be toxic to you, but is extremely toxic to coral reefs and marine animals. This means that in certain places, you can’t bring those chemicals in the water. So, what’s the solution? Mineral ...
Edit Travel Photos – How To
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Edit Travel Photos – How To

How To Edit Travel Photos Most of the time, the amazing scenery that you see with your eyes doesn't get captured by your camera. Pictures just don't do it justice! However, if you can learn how to properly edit your travel photos (don't worry, it's a basic photo editing app,) you can actually capture the beauty of your travel moments. This is a quick tutorial showing an easy app used to edit travel ...
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Cheap Holiday Gift Guide For Travelers

Cheap Holiday Gift Guide If you’re looking for a last minute gift for that special traveler in your life, search no further then our Cheap Holiday Gift Guide below. Finding a list minute gift for a traveler is rather simple, because unlike most of us, they’ll actually appreciate random cheap things you can get from a convenient store! My mother recently asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year. My ...
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10 Tips For Getting Travel Photos With No People in Them

How to Take Beautiful Destinations Shots

Often times, it can be difficult to snap those beautiful scenery travel photos without any people in them. One can't always be in the right place at the right time to get the perfect shot!  However, there are some strategies you can use to ensure you get little to no people in your travel photos. Check out these 10 tips! I’ve figured out every ...
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8 Travel Hacks for Stuff You Forgot to Pack

Forgot to pack an important item for your trip? Forgetting to pack something essential for your trip is something we’ve all gone through. Believe it or not, it has happened to me almost every single time I travel, regardless of how great of a last-minute packer I think I am. Fortunately, sometimes, you can make use of something else as a substitute of what happens to be missing. Sometimes it works, ...
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