Tips for Solo Dining
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Tips for Solo Dining

6 Top Tips For Dining Solo As a traveler, solo dining can be uncomfortable. That doesn’t mean you should order room service or buy fast food that you consume alone in your hotel room. It might take a bit of bravery, but here are some tips to incorporate into your next adventure for solo dining.

1. Avoid Room Service

While it seems quite luxurious to have someone bring ...
Best of Philadelphia: Food & Drink
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Best of Philadelphia: Food & Drink

Best of Philadelphia:  Food + Drink Unbeknown to most, Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, is known as a city of firsts. America’s first daily newspaper was founded here, the first birthday of the United States was celebrated here and its home to the first American hospital, zoo and medical school. In our article we'll be highlighting what we find to be the best of Philadelphia.  While all of ...
Eat Right While Traveling – 12 Tips
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Eat Right While Traveling – 12 Tips

Eat Right While Traveling Travelers commonly complain that they can’t eat healthy. Many share tales of gaining weight on a trip. The good news is that with a little planning and common sense, you can eat right while traveling and maintain the good habits you follow at home. Below are healthy tips to eat right while traveling that we use in our travels. We hope they will help you too.

1. ...
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Get Energized While Traveling – 7 Things to Help

Get Energized While Traveling Traveling is an adventure, and always requires energy whether you’re hiking Machu Picchu or simply relaxing on the beach. Traveling also typically involves indulging in food and drink that you normally wouldn’t on a daily basis. This can require more energy spent digesting food, and less energy spent to fuel your vacation days. So we’re here to help, and give you a few off ...
Spanish Food – A Foodie’s Dream

Spanish Food – A Foodie’s Dream

Spanish Food When you taste the salty goodness of Spain’s Jamon Iberico, you get the feeling that hundreds of years of tradition are present in every bite. Spanish food has a way of conveying a rich history, making it unique and delicious. A ham by any other name is simply not Jamon Iberico or Jamon Serrano. Because of the length of the curing process and the special acorn diet fed to the pigs, ...
Top Idaho Wines: Why the State Gem State is a Must See
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Top Idaho Wines: Why the State Gem State is a Must See

Top Idaho Wines The Gem State has a liquid gem, WINE! Top Idaho Wines are waiting for you. There are two very distinctive wine regions with their own benefits. South-Western Idaho has rich soil and early season wines that create sweet, delightful white wines. Northern Idaho offers its grapes long dry growing season that leaves more space for a mature wine with complex hues to develop. Either way, Idaho is ...
16 of Italy’s Best Foods

16 of Italy’s Best Foods

A Gastronomic Map of Italy’s Best Foods Italian cuisine is extraordinarily regional. While the Neapolitans may be eating pizza, the Romans will be eating pasta carbonara, the Milanese risotto, and the Florentines bean soup… it goes on and on! To have an actual taste of Italy, join one of our top-rated food tours in Rome or Florence. Below you will 16 of Italy's Best Foods. We’ve teamed up with ...
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5 Hotels in Foodie Towns of the South form Lafayette to New Braunfels and more

This post was originally published on Southern Fried Travel on April 12, 2016 HIPMUNK HOTELS: 5 HOTELS IN FOODIE TOWNS OF THE SOUTH FROM LAFAYETTE TO NEW BRAUNFELS AND MORE There is a foodie in everyone, especially when it comes to lip-smacking, tangy barbecue. The secret sometimes is in the sauce, but in places like New Braunfels and Midland, Texas it’s all about the meat and how it’s slowly cooked. ...
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Amtrak Dining

Years ago, Amtrak travelers had the luxury of fine dining with crisp linens, fine cutlery and top notch service on trains throughout the United States. Today, however, train passengers aren't so lucky. Amtrak offers several long-distance routes across the US, some traveling across, others up and down. These long-distance trains that travel overnight are equipped with a dining car offering hot food and ...
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Dine Like The President at Orchids Restaurant Halekulani

Halekulani Hotel The iconic hotel Halekulani (house befitting heaven) sits on a natural curve of Waikiki beach and offers an incomparable view of Diamond Head from the rooms and restaurants. A four diamond award-winning property; discerning travelers from all over the world come here to relax, soak up the sun, listen to Hawaiian music and enjoy the hula dancer at sunset, and of course to dine.   It is a ...
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