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Medical Tourism: Is It Worth It?
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Medical Tourism: Is It Worth It?

Medical Tourism: Is It Worth It? Medical procedures in the US are quite expensive. The average medical cost for a person living the United States is over $10,000, that’s more than most Americans spend on food. It can be worth it, or even financially necessary, to leave the country in order to get surgery; plus, who wouldn’t love to have a long vacation relaxing at a resort after surgery instead of hiding ...
Central America Travel Tips
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Central America Travel Tips

Travel Tips for Central America Traveling around Central America is a beautiful adventure on sun-baked winding hills, rainforests, and hollowed-out holes filled with a misty city grid. Whether you’re taking the Pan-American highway or picking up a cheap vacation home outside of Panama, Central America is the perfect location for an adventure traveler who’s going out on the cheap. 1. Safety You’re ...
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Best of Local America: Avoid Tourist Traps

Best of Local America: Avoid Tourist Traps Traditional American holidays can seem like tourist traps. Standing at the edge of Old Faithful, on the precipice of the Grand Canyon, or along Hollywood Boulevard with a crowd of tourists in Hawaiian shirts, cargo pants, dangling an assortment of cameras and children off their arms can feel like you're standing still with a photo screen flipping past ...
Perfect Spring Break for 2017
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Perfect Spring Break for 2017

Spring Break Tips Whether you are young or old, taking advantage of a spring break vacation is a great way to bust out of your winter funk, dust off your pearly white gams, and hit some sunshine after a long winter indoors. You can start your base tan in Cabo with a few of your best gal-pals, or avoid the crowds and retreat to some off-season locations you’ve always wanted to see.

Wild ...
How to Get People to Look at Your Vacation Photos
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How to Get People to Look at Your Vacation Photos

Trap People into Looking at Your Vacation Photos (Without Being a Jerk) No one wants to look at your pictures. But they are really good pictures. All your friends should look at them because obviously they are the best and you had the funnest time in the world. Like looking at pictures of your coworker’s ugly baby, people won’t want to look at them because they don’t have the emotional connection that you ...
Top Idaho Wines: Why the State Gem State is a Must See
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Top Idaho Wines: Why the State Gem State is a Must See

Top Idaho Wines The Gem State has a liquid gem, WINE! Top Idaho Wines are waiting for you. There are two very distinctive wine regions with their own benefits. South-Western Idaho has rich soil and early season wines that create sweet, delightful white wines. Northern Idaho offers its grapes long dry growing season that leaves more space for a mature wine with complex hues to develop. Either way, Idaho is ...
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Ways to Take a Long Vacation

An afternoon lost on the sun baked winding alleyways of Rome or an evening spent staring at the stars on a freezing flat tibetan plane can make us want to stay lost in those moments and places forever. While a long vacation is a great way to escape and see the world, extended vacations let you soak in the culture around you. It can be hard to afford, plan, and prepare for a long vacation, but working around ...
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Healthy Travel Tips – Beyond Budget Cruise-Lines

There are a thousand ways to travel economically (or even free!) like off season/off the beaten path locations, working at resorts, and teaching cruises. Which are all great tips for the budget friendly, but keeping your budget backpacking from unravelling into a surprise bill is the real secret of on-the-fly money management. While some of these healthy travel tips might seem on the edge of obvious, you’d ...
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Travel Tips

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