10 Affordable Fall Destinations
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10 Affordable Fall Destinations

Believe it or not, there are ways to enjoy a spectacular vacation without breaking the bank. Perhaps a nice fall destination is calling your name. You don't have to spend a fortune to travel the world! Travel is affordable if you do it right. Check out these 10 incredibly affordable fall destinations. 1. Mexico City, Mexico With temperatures reaching an average high of 73 degrees and low of 54, the ...
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10 Affordable Destinations for Summer 2016

Here are 1000TravelTips most Affordable Destinations for Summer 2016: San Francisco and Sonoma County, California San Francisco is not typically synonymous with affordable, but new flight routes and lower hotel prices make the Bay Area a great destination for an affordable summer getaway this year. Flights: Round-trip flights from New York are well under $400 during the summer. ...
8 things you need to know about traveling to Cuba in 2016

8 things you need to know about traveling to Cuba in 2016

Tips for Traveling to Cuba Now that the U.S. embargo has been lifted, Cuba is quickly becoming a hotspot for American travelers. It's not necessarily that easy though. Here are eight things to know if your traveling to Cuba in 2016. 1. Restrictions still exist  While President Obama significantly reduced restrictions, they aren't over yet. You can now travel to Cuba individually--rather than only as ...
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Whale Watching in Bermuda

Right now there is a wonderful phenomenon going on in Bermuda - it’s whale season! It just might be travel’s best–kept secret, but right now is the time to witness the northern parade of the playful Humpback and other whale species… in Bermuda! With the clear blue waters of the Sargasso Sea to the east, and the warm currents of the Gulf Stream just to the west, Bermuda is perfectly situated along the ...
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Hot Destinations for 2016

Annually, the editors and writers at create the TravelSquire 28 Hot Destinations List. The goal is to cover the globe and sprinkle in places of interest on every continent from grand destinations and dream locations to the easy, close to home charmers. To give you a sample of what we love this year, we’ve selected seven destinations, from the total of 28, that touch on each part of the ...
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6 Volunteer Trips to Take in 2016

Volunteer Trips for 2016 Olivia Briggs, | January 27, 2016 Work on an Organic Farm Truly make a real difference by contributing to sustainable initiatives that affect food and agriculture in a community as a volunteer with World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF). They have programs available on organic farms in over 100 countries. As a volunteer, you'll work four to six ...
Culture and First Time Travel
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Culture and First Time Travel

First Time Travel - Tips and Advice Bree Allen, Travel Writer | January 21, 2016 Traveling to experience unfamiliar cultures allows for a huge amount of personal growth and a deeper understanding of the true SELF. Foreign cultures widen our perspective, allowing us to gain a new level of understanding and desire to pursue the unknown. However, the journey through this transformative process isn’t always ...
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Jet Ski Adventure Bermuda Style

Ed Salvato, Man About World Magazine | January 20, 2016 My partner and I spent a week this summer in Bermuda. Our gift to ourselves and our bonding experience was a two-and-a-half-hour adventure: a tour cruising among 10 of Bermuda’s islands on jet skis. That’s the butch-looking bad boy pictured below.  The Just Add Water brochure features calm, smiling tourists — men, women and older kids — ...
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7 Best Belize Tourist Destinations

Belize Tourist Destinations 1.     The Lamanai Ruins Explore the fascinating Mayan culture through this large former Mayan city that dates back to 1500 BC. The name, Lamanai, translates to “submerged crocodile” in Maya. Located in Northern Belize on the Shore of New River Lagoon, this is one of the largest Mayan ceremonial sites in all of Belize, with many areas still unexcavated. With over 800 structures ...
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30 Places to See Before You’re 30

Shannon McMahon, | October 13, 2015 Mumbai, India The best time to visit Mumbai is during the annual 16-day spring festival Holi—the Hindu festival of love that commemorates the divine love of Radha for Krishna (Hindu gods). The celebrations include rainbow paint, dance, parties, and food. Other sites to see include: The Gateway of India, an incredible monument overlooking the Arabian ...
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