How to Capture the Best Travel Photos? Get Lost!
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How to Capture the Best Travel Photos? Get Lost!

Capturing the best travel photos isn't as easy as one would think. You have to step out of your comfort zone and explore new ways of finding those "perfect moments" that make for the best travel photos. As a photographer who has the opportunity to travel the world photographing in many situations, I wanted to bring you a few tips and ideas to help you "get lost" while traveling! Wait ...what? Get lost? ...
How to Get People to Look at Your Vacation Photos
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How to Get People to Look at Your Vacation Photos

Trap People into Looking at Your Vacation Photos (Without Being a Jerk) No one wants to look at your pictures. But they are really good pictures. All your friends should look at them because obviously they are the best and you had the funnest time in the world. Like looking at pictures of your coworker’s ugly baby, people won’t want to look at them because they don’t have the emotional connection that you ...
Edit Travel Photos – How To
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Edit Travel Photos – How To

How To Edit Travel Photos Most of the time, the amazing scenery that you see with your eyes doesn't get captured by your camera. Pictures just don't do it justice! However, if you can learn how to properly edit your travel photos (don't worry, it's a basic photo editing app,) you can actually capture the beauty of your travel moments. This is a quick tutorial showing an easy app used to edit travel ...
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10 Tips For Getting Travel Photos With No People in Them

How to Take Beautiful Destinations Shots

Often times, it can be difficult to snap those beautiful scenery travel photos without any people in them. One can't always be in the right place at the right time to get the perfect shot!  However, there are some strategies you can use to ensure you get little to no people in your travel photos. Check out these 10 tips! I’ve figured out every ...
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How To Take Jaw-Dropping Travel Photos

I recently spoke with Jessica Rule, writer of Escape Button Blog and Nathalie Basha, writer of The Travel Muse—two women who have turned their Instagram accounts into perfection including pictures from destinations around the world. — Check out these tips on how to take jaw-dropping Travel Photos.

 1. Pick the Right Backdrop Choosing the right backdrop for your photo is one of the ...

Tanzania: Call of the Wild

Tanzania For many people, both photographers and non-photographers alike, a wildlife safari to Africa is not only a bucket-list item, but one that is at the very top of their list. My wife and I recently had the privilege of spending quite a bit of time in Tanzania leading photography tours through our photographic tour company. A Tanzanian wildlife safari is truly a photographers dream! There are many ...

Croatia Travel Guide

Michelle Younis | September 30, 2015 Diocletian’s Palace This picture is one of many amazing photos I had the joy of taking while visiting Croatia last December.  This particular photograph was taken in Split, Croatia at Diocletian’s Palace which is a UNESCO World Heritage site and it’s simply amazing!  Not only are these ancient ruins, but there is a vibrant old city within its walls where you can ...
Ralph Velasco’s Tips for Travel Photography
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Ralph Velasco’s Tips for Travel Photography had the chance to speak with Ralph Velasco about capturing the perfect photograph while traveling. Ralph shares his top three tips on taking great vacation selfies, his top three biggest mistakes people make when trying to take the perfect vacation photo, and his top three apps for capturing the perfect picture, along with additional expert advice about photography. Ralph’s three ...
Technology and Travel – Apps for Travel Photography
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Technology and Travel – Apps for Travel Photography

When it comes to travel photography there are more apps available than you could ever use, and the best of these aren't just those with the best selection of filters to emulate vintage photographs. Often the most highly rated apps will cost you money, so to save you spending unnecessarily here are the four we consider to be the best and most worthwhile. 1. Instagram (Free) To the younger travel ...
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Travel Tips

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