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Technology and Travel – Apps for Travel Photography

When it comes to travel photography there are more apps available than you could ever use, and the best of these aren’t just those with the best selection of filters to emulate vintage photographs. Often the most highly rated apps will cost you money, so to save you spending unnecessarily here are the four we consider to be the best and most worthwhile.

1. Instagram (Free)

To the younger travel photographer this may be very obvious but for anyone that doesn’t have it, get it now. This platform is a social network in itself, just for photos. It provides some useful editing features and filters for your pictures and provides you with a stage from which to display your best shots. You can also follow other travelers and photographers, check out there best shots and get some inspiration.

2. PicLab HD ($1.99)

This app is particularly useful if you love those pictures with attractive and carefully selected phrases and words of inspiration over the the top of them; with this app you can achieve this effect without being a graphic designer. It’s not just fun text you can add either, the app provides a range of filters, textures, and artwork you can add to your photos.

3. Snapseed (Free)

This app provides you and your photos with great versatility and a huge amount of options for editing and tweaking the picture. You can add your desired effect and then adjust the intensity of its application around the control point you place it. The best tool this app offers is “Grunge”, with this you can adjust up to 1500 settings, tweaking small aspects of color focus or fading. Another brilliant effect you can add is “tilt-shift” which would otherwise only be possible with expensive camera lenses.

4. Lightmeter ($2)

This app does exactly what it says on the tin, and it does it very, very well. If you have experience which photography and know what you’re doing this can be an invaluable tool. The interface is really easy to use and the measurements this app can give you are incredibly precise. It takes a matter of seconds to bring this app up and get yourself a lux level to work with. For its limited function this may seem overpriced, but if you’re already carrying a professional camera with you, havhaving one less piece of extra equipment can be a godsend!

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