Airline Travel Tips – Skipping the Checked Bags
Packing Tips

Airline Travel Tips – Skipping the Checked Bags

Travel is one of the most liberating experiences available to us, the freedom and adventure of leaving behind our daily routines to venture off into the great unknown is mind blowing and life changing. One of the greatest lessons learned by travelers is how little we actually need to survive, I’m talking material possessions. Seasoned travelers pride themselves on how little they can carry, it is not only possible, it is downright liberating, cheaper and more economical to travel with only one carry on sized bag. But what about the fashionistas among us? Does it come down to a choice between fashion and bag weight? Of course not! Here are five tips for fashion lovers to travel with just a carry on bag to minimize space to make more room for things that make us look and feel great!

1. Packing cubes

Thin, lightweight packing cubes can help you to compress and organize what you have to create more space for other belongings, making it easier to get what you need out of your bag and allowing you to squeeze a little more in.

2. Hand washing what you carry

Carry less pants and socks, and save room for more stylish items! Hand washing underwear and socks in sinks and drying them on radiators in cold countries or outside in warm countries will dramatically reduce the space you need for them.

3. Sarong

The magic of a beautiful piece of fabric known no ends. Watch you tube tutorials to learn how to turn it into trousers, skirts, dresses, tops, head scarfs or simply throw it over your shoulders to keep warm. Also useful in places where it is polite to cover up and it can double up as a towel, saving even more space!

4. Utilize technology

Minimize what you carry by switching to multi-purpose electronics. One smart phone is a great replacement for music players, point and shoot cameras, tablets, kindles and much more. Carry e-tickets when possible on a smart phone and use e-reading apps instead of books.

5. Don’t carry toiletries, pick them up as you go

When flying between places you can’t carry liquids on board anyway. Basic toiletries aren’t difficult to come across all over the world, save space for fashion items and pick up basics locally instead of carrying them with you.

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