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Best Travel Pants
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Best Travel Pants

Best Travel Pants Travel pants are something that every traveler should invest in if you want a pair of bottoms that offer the same kind of comfort that your ugly sweat pants have, without the "ugly sweat pants" look. Anatomie and Bluffworks have created the most comfortable, while still fashionable pants for the regular traveler.

Travel Pants For Women
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Get a Better Seat On Your Next Flight

There's an easier way to get a better seat on your next flight, and it's way more obvious than you thought. Perhaps you're in a seat in the very back of the plane, acquire a middle seat in the middle of the plane, or, better yet, you're sitting in a seat right by the bathroom. Below is my key way to get a better seat on any flight. Take a look at the upgrade list this flight the other day from Chicago to ...
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Getting Rid of Foreign Currency After a Trip Abroad

Getting Rid of Foreign Currency After a Trip Abroad I hate carrying cash – both in the US, and aboard. Unfortunately, many countries outside the US aren’t as credit card centric, so having cash on hand is helpful, especially when in small cities. It’s a reality that I need to carry Euros with me throughout Europe, pesos throughout Mexico and dollars throughout Canada, and fortunately I can do so with ...
Tips For Getting Flight Upgrades
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Tips For Getting Flight Upgrades

6 Tips For Getting Flight Upgrades One of the biggest complaints I seem to hear from airline loyalty program elite members is the lack of getting flight upgrades – or the frustration of not getting one. While these upgrades are by no means a guarantee, there are several strategies you can use to increase your odds. 1. Choose the Right Program While this one isn’t an option for everyone, you can ...
5 Tips That Could Save You from a Late Flight
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5 Tips That Could Save You from a Late Flight

5 Late Flight Tips You were so excited to go on this trip that you’ve failed at accomplishing one of the most important factors to ensure a stress-free vacation: being on time for your flight. Check out these tips and resources for what to do when you’re late for your flight. Prior to deciding how exactly to handle such an inconvenience, ask yourself two questions. Is it the Airline’s Fault? If ...
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The Difference Between a Layover, Stopover and Open-jaw

Layover, Stopover and Open-jaw Airlines use a lot of jargon that can easily confuse people when booking tickets, especially those booked with frequent flyer miles. It's always helpful to have a general understanding of the terminology used when booking a ticket, since it can give you a leg-up when traveling. You’ll hear these three words (and their variants) a lot when traveling: Layover, Stopover and ...
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Flying vs. Train Travel

Flying vs. Train Travel Traveling Amtrak in the Northeast Corridor of the United States can be a blessing compared to the hassles of air travel, and in many cases, Train Travel beats flying every time. Amtrak is often forgotten, and pushed to the side, in favor of more reliable services such as the US Airways or Delta Shuttle. While those services are convenient, they come with a hefty price tag, both ...
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Amtrak Dining

Years ago, Amtrak travelers had the luxury of fine dining with crisp linens, fine cutlery and top notch service on trains throughout the United States. Today, however, train passengers aren't so lucky. Amtrak offers several long-distance routes across the US, some traveling across, others up and down. These long-distance trains that travel overnight are equipped with a dining car offering hot food and ...
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Travel Tips

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