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3 Ways to Unplug on Vacation

Unplug on Vacation

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We travel to get away. We want a break from work and responsibilities. Unfortunately, it’s becoming harder and harder to escape these things during your vacation with growing forms of communication. So how can you truly escape while vacationing? Unplug on Vacation.

A trip that disconnects you from the world is something many people covet. Research shows that having a phone on you distracts you from reality. Intrepid Travel recently found the average traveler admits to spending about two hours of every trip searching for Wi-Fi, it’s time to unplug on vacation and enjoy what’s around you.

It’s time to unplug! Here’s how to really go off the grid and forget about all the work emails and twitter notifications.

1. Go Cold-Turkey with a Group

Group Travel

Intrepid Travel takes entire tour groups on adventures without any technology allowed with their Digital Detox Tours. That means no phones, cameras, or Wi-Fi devices. These are available in Ecuador, Thailand, Morocco, and India on a reasonable budget. The trips start at $630 and will help you truly engage in these destinations with all of your senses without the distraction of your mobile devices. Don’t worry, they’ll be there when you get back!

2. Go Remote

For big spenders who want to splurge, check out the National Geographic expedition, sailing to Antarctica or following endangered gorillas in Rwanda. Because you probably don’t want to spend $12k, National Geographic recently teamed up with G Adventures for a more affordable line of journeys. They offer great experiences, including zip lining and making chocolate in central Guatemala ($1299).

3. Go Camping

Unplug on Vacation

If you want to experience a cell-phone free vacation without breaking the bank, go on a camping trip. In honor of the National Parks Service centennial, some of America’s best and most calming forests are becoming cheaper. Celebrating NPS’s 100th birthday means FREE ENTRY days. Reduced or waived camping and entry fees make it so you have no excuse to unplug in the wild and relax. A few of the most relaxing places, Yosemite and Yellowstone, can now be seen free of charge.

Shannon McMahon, Smarter Travel | August 1, 2016


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