Airline Travel Tips – Flying with Infants
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Airline Travel Tips – Flying with Infants

By Rania Kfuri | March 17, 2015

With summer right around the corner, many families will be traveling with their infant for the first time. The better your attitude is from the start of the trip, the more positive your experience will be. Here are some things to keep in mind before you go, so you can stay relaxed and be better prepared for your next trip!

Stay Organized
If you don’t have a Free Like Birdie packing system (below) with a checklist printed for you, create your own. Take the time to pack your diaper bag well and plan on packing enough supplies to get you through your travel time plus an additional 5 hours, just in case.

Free Like Birdie Travel System Review

Takeoff and Landing
During takeoff and landing is the best time for your infant to be sucking on a bottle or pacifier. This will protect their ears when there is a change in cabin pressure.

Plan Your Seating
There are options for your long haul flight. Most international carriers have bassinets that you can call head for or request, but most parents reserve a separate seat for their little one. Car seats can easily be installed in an airline seat so your baby can stay safe and comfortable.

Aisle of Window?
Aisle seats are better for getting up and moving around with your baby, while window seats provide more privacy. If available, bulkhead seats provide more legroom (and play room) as well as no passengers in front of you. Many airlines will do their best to accommodate families traveling together, so request everything earlier rather than later to ensure your needs are met.

Travel Light
More often than not, airlines will make you check your stroller due to limited space. If you’re traveling with a stroller, be sure to bring a stroller bag to protect it while in the baggage area. I have always preferred to use a baby carrier as it allows me to be hands free and more compact.

Baby supplies and food are hard to come by while traveling unless you make a special request ahead of time. Be sure to bring everything you’ll need including important travel documents, food, extra layers of clothing and take note of airline policies before you fly. Each airline has different policies regarding nursing, so if you breastfeed, be sure to inquire about the regulations with each airline.

The best way to prepare yourself for travel with your little one is to contact the airline ahead of your departure as they are usually eager to make your experience a pleasant one.

Wishing you and your family an amazing summer filled with wonderful travel memories!

Rania Kfrui is an experienced traveler and the mother of two girls who love to explore the world. These family adventures led Rania to find her company, Free Like Birdie, a company that designs and manufactures travel accessories for infants and toddlers. Visit them at and find them on Twitter – @FreeLikeBirdie.

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