Hide Your Valuables While Traveling – Travel Hacks
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Hide Your Valuables While Traveling – Travel Hacks

Hide Your Valuables

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Losing a valuable or getting robbed during a trip can certainly ruin the experience. Many tourist destinations have talented pickpockets, so it’s important to know of the best ways to hide your valuables while traveling. Fortunately, you can keep your things safe with everything from secret underwear compartments to shoes with built-in money slots. Check out these 7 brilliant ways to hide your valuables while traveling.


1. Disguise Your Money Belt

Hide Your Valuables

(Photo: DeLuth Trading Co.)

Forget fanny packs! Leather smuggler’s belts like this Duluth Trading Co. option have inner zipper-closure compartments perfect for hiding emergency money, keys, or other valuables. This versatile men’s option comes in brown and black, and even a 19-inch hidden pocket. It costs $70, but it could save you many travel troubles.


2. Stealthy Bra Pouches

Stealthy Bra Pouches

(Photo: EagleCreek)

A secret bra pouch is a great option to Hide Your Valuables While Traveling. Eagle Creek’s Undercover Bra Stash is inexpensive and easy to hide clothes. Toss your cards, cash, and keys in the silk pouch and simply fasten it around the center of any bra. It’s washable, comes with a lifetime warranty, and can comfortably fit small valuables in its three-by-four-inch interior. Why not? It’s only $14!


3. Stash Cards in a Phone Case

Stash Cards Phone Case

(Photo: Incipio)

Securing your phone and credit cards into your phone case will not only make it so you have to carry less, but it will keep your cards out of sight. Incipio’s Wallet Cover doubles as a kickstand case for watching videos on the plane, and also comes in a variety of colors and sizes.


4. Bury Your Beach Items

Hide Your Valuables

(Photo: TheBeachVault.com)

It’s not easy to hide your valuables while you’re enjoying the waves, but a beach safe that you can bury right beneath you will sneakily hide all your valuables. The Beach Vault is meant to be hand-drilled into the sand under your blanket, so even the most alert thieves won’t be able to spot any of your things. It comes with a beach towel and pillow, and costs about $40.


5. Slot Flops

Slot Flops

(Photo: SlotFlops)

Hiding emergency money in your shoe is a well-known trick, but who wants cash that smells like dirty socks? SlotFlops are travel flip flops with a built-in section big enough for your cards and money. These come in a variety of colors and cost about $25. Another great way to Hide Your Valuables While Traveling.

6. KangaROOS


(Photo: KangaROOs)

For a sturdier shoe with compartments, try KangaRoos, the sneaker with an outer money pocket. The hidden compartment is big enough for some cash and a key. Most importantly, you won’t have to worry about thieves noticing the tiny outer pouch beneath the ROOS logo.


7. Make a Decoy Wallet


(Photo: Smarter Travel)

Our final tip for on how to Hide Your Valuables While Traveling is to keep a decoy wallet handy in the event that you get pick-pocketed or held up. You can throw or hand over a decoy wallet in the event of a mugging, or keep one at the top of your bag for pickpockets.

Shannon McMahon, Smarter Travel | August 17, 2016

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