LGBT: Top 5 Cures For Your Halloween Hangover
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LGBT: Top 5 Cures For Your Halloween Hangover

Top 5 Cures For Your Halloween Hangover (New Orleans Style!)

Cures For Your Halloween Hangover

New Orleans’ epic Halloween is the stuff of legend, and it’s not for the novice raver. The end result may be quite the Halloween Hangover. In fact, after three hard partying days of outrageous costumes and boozy raves, you may never want to utter the word Halloween again. And while it’s far and away America’s most over-the-top, decadent weekend costume party, it’s also the kind of event that leaves you needing some much needed R&R.

Trust us, when you’re cold and drunk and stumbling down Frenchman in a pair of borrowed stilettos, you’ll be desperate for some sobering food, a foot massage, and a quiet, warm place to just get away from it all. Luckily, we’ve done all the stumbling for you and compiled a list of our favorite ways to recuperate after a weekend of hard Halloweening. Read on for the 5 best LGBT Halloween hangover cures and download ManAboutWorld’s (FREE!) guide to Halloween for the other 364 days of the year on iOs or Android.

Gay Brunch

Your morning after hangover will be (should be!) intense, and according to science there’s only one cure: french toast. And nobody does it like gay chef Jarred Zerringue at EAT. This gay-famous and BYOB-friendly space is where you’ll find farm-to-table Cajun-Southern meals a beloved Sunday brunch, and plenty of good looking company.

Dry Sanctuary

You may have heard New Orleans has a bit of a problem with rain and floods, so having a dry sanctuary is crucial to surviving a weekend in late October. The National World War II Museum is where we go when things get wet. One of the best new museums in the city (maybe even the country!) it takes you on a journey through the war as you follow a single soldier’s path through Tokyo or Berlin. The displays are informative and sometimes immersive.

Heeling Power

And here you thought going as a slutty nurse for the third year in a row was a good idea. Tsk tsk. Eighteen hours in heels can take down even the toughest lesbian, so we can only imagine what you’re going through. But this is why spas were invented. (OK, it may not be the exact reason why…) When our body just needs some serious care and rejuvenation, we disappear into The Ritz-Carltonfor their fabulous, experienced therapists perform more than 100 treatments, including indigenous therapies such as the VooDoo Ritual and Southern Ceremony. Recognized by prestigious travel magazines, our New Orleans day spa features 22 treatments rooms, a café, fitness center and boutique.

Other Halloween Hangover Cures

Get Real

After three days of make-up and costumes, floats and fakery, all that pretending and dress up may leave you starved for something real. Something like The Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden our favorite nature retreat in the city, and just an overall magnificent gem of New Orleans. You’ll find it just behind the New Orleans Museum of Art, a serene stroll through dozens of stainless steel, chrome, and bronze statues and sculptures. These are some of the most exquisite pieces we’ve seen in the States, and has quickly become one of the highlights of this city. The garden is free (though they ask for a donation.) Come with your boyfriend and spend an hour walking hand-in-hand before heading off to enjoy the rest of City Park.


Come the end of a long weekend of crowded streets, packed bars, and sharing a hotel room with five of your best buddies, it may be that you just need some peace and quiet. The Stein family’s Longue Vue House and Garden was built in the forties, is a well-preserved collection of antique furniture and a slew of modern art treasures, including ones by Kandinsky and Picasso. Though the eight acres of sprawling gardens were almost entirely ruined by hurricane Katrina, they have been lovingly re-planted according to the original landscaper’s plans, and now play host to daily visitors, educational programs, and a summer camp for little ones.


ManAboutWorld published a free guide to Thailand available via their app (on App Store or in Google Play) or via a free PDF accessible here.


Man About World, October 19, 2016

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