Top Reasons To Take an RV Trip
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Top Reasons To Take an RV Trip

RV Trip

Looking to escape the daily grind? Travel the country, or even your own backyard, in the comforts of a towable or motorized recreational vehicle (RV). Today’s RVs offer all the comforts of home and are available to fit nearly any budget. Need some more reasons to find your next adventure on an RV Trip? Here’s a few reasons courtesy of our industry program to take an RV Trip:

1. Go with the kids and get away with the family

RV Trip

95% of people who camped as children said it had a positive impact on their adult lives, helping them develop an appreciation for the outdoors and for different people and places. Plus, an RV Trip feels more like home than a hotel, making travel relaxing and familiar – no surprises here.

  • Bunks or trundle beds give kids a space to call their own.
  • Sleep soundly in your own bed with your favorite pillow so it will always feel like home.
  • Bike ride, anyone? Extra “basement” storage accommodates bikes and bulky gear.
  • On-board bathrooms save time on roadside pit stops and easily clean up messy hands.
  • Make spur-of-the-moment route changes along the way when something catches your eye.

2. Go pet-friendly and ring your best friends along for the ride

suitcase with things sticking out

It’s not a family vacation without the whole family – pets love vacations, too. RVs make stress-free trips for owners who don’t want to board their pets and for the pets who don’t like to be left behind. There’s plenty of space to store pet food and toys.

Most campgrounds welcome pets, but check specific rules before you go. Be sure pets are road-ready with up-to-date shots, collars and ID tags with a mobile number.

3. Go whenever – Flexibility. Freedom. It’s all yours in an RV

Take control. You decide when and where to go and what you want to take with you. There’s no racing to catch a flight or long lines. There are no baggage limits or fees, nor shortage of legroom, so stretch out, take your shoes off when you want to and enjoy the view.

Your schedule is your call when you’re behind the wheel. Make unplanned stops along the way when something catches your eye. Stay as long as you like or hit the road earlier than planned.

4. Go affordably – The road to savings


RVs roll travel, accommodations and meals into one and for less than you might think. In fact, an RV Trip vacation can cost a family of four up to 59% less than other forms of travel. Extra storage space means saving on equipment rentals, too, as you can bring along the bikes, skis, kayaks, golf clubs, ATVs and more. And when you travel with everything, including the kitchen sink, you save on food expenses.

David Shrader, Vacation Land RV | January 20, 2017

David Shrader is the happy camper at Vacationland. Since 1967, we have been serving camping enthusiasts around the country with RV sales, rentals, parts, service, and storage in Big Rock, Illinois. From Alaska to Florida, generations of families have chosen to shop at Vacationland and we invite you to find your new RV at today!


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