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Top 5 Food Experiences in Emilia-Romagna

Emilia-Romagna Delicious Emilia-Romagna is a region north of Florence and south of Milan and stretching along the Adriatic Sea from just south of Venice down to San Marino — an independent microstate completely surrounded by Italy. During Roman times, the main road — the Via Emilia — ran through Parma, Modena, and Bologna, all the way to Rimini. Parma and Bologna are but two cities in the region who've ...
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Jet Ski Adventure Bermuda Style

Ed Salvato, Man About World Magazine | January 20, 2016 My partner and I spent a week this summer in Bermuda. Our gift to ourselves and our bonding experience was a two-and-a-half-hour adventure: a tour cruising among 10 of Bermuda’s islands on jet skis. That’s the butch-looking bad boy pictured below.  The Just Add Water brochure features calm, smiling tourists — men, women and older kids — ...
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11 Tasty Reasons to Visit Gourmet Gettysburg

If someone suggests a visit to Gettysburg and you imagine soldiers charging across the fields of southern Pennsylvania, your mind is downloading only part of the picture. Yes, a tour of the sites of the Civil War’s tide-turning three-day battle in Gettysburg is the major reason millions of visitors come to this lovely village of red brick Victorian homes. But Gettysburg offers more than history. ...
Top 10 Travel Tech Tips from ManAboutWorld
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Top 10 Travel Tech Tips from ManAboutWorld

At one time you wouldn't dream of hitting the road without a map, guidebook and Swiss Army Knife. Today's travelers (gay or straight) need smarter tech. And they need power. ManAboutWorld canvassed its frequent-traveling correspondents and contributors who have road-tested a slew of travel tech and smartphone apps that will enhance your travel experience from before you set out to after you've reached your ...
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