Will I Surely Die on an African Safari Tour?
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Will I Surely Die on an African Safari Tour?

By Alan Feldstein, Infinite Safari Adventures | July 7, 2015

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After college, a friend of my daughter’s spent a couple of years in the Peace Corps. During her orientation her supervisor, a native tribesman, was briefing her.  When she asked if it was OK to do something he usually cheerfully answered: “If you do that you will surely die.” When all one hears is bad news it is not uncommon for people who are planning an African safari tour to ask, “Will I surely die?”  The answer is a resounding NO.  If African safari tours were so dangerous, why would so many people travel to Africa and come back saying it was the greatest experience of their lives?

Are African Safari Tours Safe?
Unless you decide to get out of your vehicle and try and pet a lion or go swimming with hippos, you are most likely very safe.  When you see a news story about a traveler having problems in Africa, be sure to read past the headline —it’s usually because that traveler has done something incredibly stupid. Traveling in Africa is very safe.

Is Traveling in Africa Safe?
In Tanzania, tourism is the second biggest contributor to the economy. Not only do they want you to have a good time they need you to have a good time. We here stories about unrest and if we read the State Department web site about places around the world, we might never step out of our home. Yes, there are problems around the world but just because you hear of something happening in downtown Los Angeles does not mean you should not go to San Francisco.  And while big cities anywhere in the world have similar issues (don’t leave your valuables around or wander the streets alone at 3 a.m.) once you are out in the bush you have less to worry about.  I once had client who decided to hide his money by shoving it under his mattress.  It was $2000 – a fortune in Tanzania.  He then got so drunk that night that he forgot he left it there and called to tell me that he thought he lost his wallet or that it was stolen.  5 days later it was found under the mattress and returned with every penny returned.  That is how safe it is and how wonderful the people are.

Traveling in Africa is safe.  African Safari Tours are safe.  Go. Enjoy.  You will not surely die.


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