3 Things to Skip on Your Trip to China
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3 Things to Skip on Your Trip to China

3 Things to Skip on Your Trip to China I traveled to the Northeast quadrant of China to be an English teacher for the Peace Corps. I was there on a two year contract and wanted to get the full experience while I was there. I used my days off and holiday as an opportunity to explore and learn more about the country, the people and the culture. However, I found that there were a few things that were not ...
The Great Wall of China: Advice for a First Timer
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The Great Wall of China: Advice for a First Timer

By John Carter | May 28, 2015 Most people only dream of visiting The Great Wall of China, if you’re looking to make it a reality here are a few vital facts and advice from my firsthand experience! Plan your visit ahead of time; make sure you include your must sees when planning. Pick the time you go based on how busy the Great Wall will get. It all depends on whether you want to deal with crowds ...
4 Long-Distance Travel Tips for Summer 2018
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4 Long-Distance Travel Tips for Summer 2018

Thanks to airplanes, we can now fly from places like New York to China in 21 hours — and from China to Japan in under five hours. The only problem, however, is that people who fly to and from these destinations could spend upwards of 24 hours in the air traveling at cruising altitude. That’s why it’s important to take certain measures against health hazards that come with long-distance traveling, especially ...
3 Great Ways to Travel for Half the Cost
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3 Great Ways to Travel for Half the Cost

Travel for Half the Cost Three Great Ways to Travel for Half the Cost for All Levels of Travel from Budget to Luxury

1) Achieve Great Travel Values Traveling During Off Season

Our first tip for how to travel for half the cost involves traveling during the off season. One of the best secrets to enjoying your travel adventure and saving money is to go ...
The Incredible Shrinking Suitcase
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The Incredible Shrinking Suitcase

Achieve a Smaller Carry-on - The Incredible Shrinking Suitcase This article is a book excerpt from 300 Healthy Travel Tips available on Apple iBooks and coming soon to the Amazon Kindle and other ebook stores. Learn more at

If you haven’t noticed, airlines are getting smarter, and for us, that’s not always a good thing. Today, airlines operate at an average of 83 ...
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Packing Three Months of Your Life Into a Carry-On

Packing Tips - How to Pack Three Months of Your Life into a Carry-On Who knows more about packing for an unpredictable trip around the world than a modern, fashion-loving, captain of a cruise ship? If you’re struggling just with the thought of packing for a week, try packing for three months. We sat down with Celebrity Summit’s Captain Kate McCue as she explained how she packs three months of her life into ...
10 Ways You Might Be Insulting People in Other Countries
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10 Ways You Might Be Insulting People in Other Countries

While traveling overseas, you might be insulting someone without even knowing it! Since you probably don’t want to be that rude “American tourist,” insulting people in other countries be sure to watch out for these 10 offensive behaviors. Traveling overseas is all fun and games until you unintentionally insult someone, so be sure to do some research on what actions/behaviors may be offensive in the country ...
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The Heights of Elegance: Afternoon Tea in the Windy City

Afternoon tea, with its delicate teapots, cucumber sandwiches, buttery scones and clotted cream, is the height of elegance. The light meal began in 1840 as a means for the Seventh Duchess of Bedford to stave off hunger during the long hours between breakfast and dinner. Conveniently, it was around this time that the Earl of Sandwich created his eponymous hand­held meal. The “afternoon tea” quickly caught ...
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12 Destinations to Visit in 2016

Christine Sarkis, 1. Wroclaw, Poland Following near destruction during World War II, this Polish city spent the following decades trying to rebuild and embrace its German, Jewish and Polish heritage. In 2016, Wroclaw is designated as the 30th annual European Capital of Culture, along with San Sebastian, Spain. Throughout the new year, Wroclaw will be one of Europe’s top cultural centers ...
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30 Places to See Before You’re 30

Shannon McMahon, | October 13, 2015 Mumbai, India The best time to visit Mumbai is during the annual 16-day spring festival Holi—the Hindu festival of love that commemorates the divine love of Radha for Krishna (Hindu gods). The celebrations include rainbow paint, dance, parties, and food. Other sites to see include: The Gateway of India, an incredible monument overlooking the Arabian ...
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