The Great Wall of China: Advice for a First Timer
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The Great Wall of China: Advice for a First Timer

By John Carter | May 28, 2015

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Most people only dream of visiting The Great Wall of China, if you’re looking to make it a reality here are a few vital facts and advice from my firsthand experience!

  1. Plan your visit ahead of time; make sure you include your must sees when planning.
  2. Pick the time you go based on how busy the Great Wall will get. It all depends on whether you want to deal with crowds or not.
  3. Wear athletic, comfy attire paired with sneakers. You will be doing a lot of walking when visiting the Great Wall of China!
  4. Make sure you bring plenty of fluids so you stay hydrated throughout your hike!
  5. Travel light; don’t weigh yourself down with unnecessary items.
  6. If you have time, make sure to explore the villages of The Great Wall of China.Travel Tips - Great Wall of China
  7. There are several different entrances, picking one is a personal preference, and all cost 45 Yuan (as of May 2015).
  8. Whether you know the history of the Great Wall of China or not, you should take the time to check out the mural, which gives you all of the background information you need, before entering. It will enhance the surreal feeling of being there in person.
  9. Take breaks as needed; don’t push your body too far.
  10. Most importantly, enjoy the view!

Once you are on your way, you can expect breathe taking visuals, interactions with people from around the world and most importantly making a memory that will last a lifetime!


John CarterJohn Carter is a Travel & Fitness Journalist and also a frequent traveler. He’s had the pleasure of visiting amazing places such as: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Greece, Istanbul, Lisbon, London, Barcelona, Austria, just to name a few.  On his blog he shares tips, advice, and personal experiences as a world traveler.

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