Five Tips to Help People Who Are Afraid to Fly
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Five Tips to Help People Who Are Afraid to Fly

Tips for People Who Are Afraid To Fly

For most people, a trip to the airport stirs up feelings of excitement and anticipation due to upcoming travel plans or perhaps irritation at the thought of standing in long lines. Unfortunately, for a few unlucky souls, dread is the overwhelming emotion. These people are afraid of flying. If you or someone you love suffers from the fear of flying, here are five tips that may help.

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1. Understand The Components Of Your Fear Of Flying

Humans aren’t biologically wired to fly which is one reason that the fear exists. But, this is one phobia that can include many others such as a fear of height, being in a closed-up space, turbulence, or a fear of terrorism. Try talking through your fear of flying with a therapist to identify which aspects of flying are raising your heart rate. Knowing what you fear helps to address the issues.

2. Book A Seat Near The Front Of The Plane

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The physical discomfort associated with air turbulence plays a major part in people’s fear of flying. By ensuring that you have a seat near the front of the cabin, you get the benefit of a smoother flight and have fewer strong reactions during your flight.

Before you book your flight, check out the size of the plane, as well. Larger planes have less air turbulence so bigger is definitely better when it comes to reducing the number of triggers enroute. Finally, if you allow your body to relax into the bumps caused by turbulence along the way, you will be better equipped to prevent that dreaded rise in blood pressure associated with your flying phobia.

3. Prevent Jitters By Reducing Caffeine Intake

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If you normally have two cups of coffee in the morning, reduce your coffee consumption prior to a flight by one or even eliminate your morning coffee completely. That goes for other types of stimulants as well. On the other hand, your body works better when it is well-hydrated, so plan on drinking plenty of water before and during your flight. If you must calm yourself with an alcoholic drink in-flight, limit yourself to a single glass of wine and savor it rather than gulping it down. This will help a lot if your Afraid to Fly.

4. Practice Breathing Techniques

This may seem like a no-brainer, but when we become fearful, we tend to take shallow breaths. Sign up for a yoga or tai chi course to learn how to breathe deeply like a pro, no matter how stressed you may feel. Get to the airport early enough so you can breathe deeply in the waiting area before boarding and remind yourself to breathe during the flight. When your body and brain are well-oxygenated, you will be more relaxed when the plane takes off.

5. Carry On Some Distractions

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Our final tip for you if your Afraid to Fly: Do you like reading a certain author or long to see a movie by your favorite director? Why not bring a book or a movie along with you for the ride. If you lose yourself in a good book or movie, there is less time to panic.

It can be frightening for some people to fly but the first step is understanding why you have the fear and then you can work on overcoming it.

Carol Robson, Tiny House Plans | September 14, 2016

Carol Robson is a retired social worker who believes in living simply, being ecologically friendly, and leaving a small footprint. For more helpful information for others looking to do the same, check out Tiny House Plans


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