7 Fashion Accessories Essential for Fall Travel
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7 Fashion Accessories Essential for Fall Travel

Must-Have Fashion Accessories for Fall Travel

Fall consists of beautiful scenery and crisp weather, making it the best time of the year to travel. However, it may not be the easiest season to pack for. Morning are chilly, afternoons are warm, and nights are often a tad cold. How do we cope with the changing weather? Layers! Stock up on these spectacular accessories for fall travel. You will thank yourself!

1. A Snug Hat

Fall Travel

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Fall days can get chilly, and nights are even colder. Be prepared for any shift in temperature with a soft hat that’s easy to keep in your bag or coat pocket. Beanies like the Spikerking Men’s Skull Cap or the Basico Beanie Cap for women are perfect for keeping your ears cozy on the go. If you’re traveling somewhere that might be too warm for a thick-knit hat, look for a thinner cap like this light-knit beanie.

2. A Big Scarf

scarf fall travel

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The scarf is the ultimate fall travel accessory. You can wear it around your neck, use it to keep you warm on the plane, or fold it up as a pillow. Unlike other items you pack, your scarf should not be travel-sized. Go with a big one like the Wait a Pigment Scarf from Modcloth to get the most coverage. If you’re looking to get even more use out of your scarf, try the SHOLDIT, an infinity scarf with a secret pocket big enough for your passport and other important documents.

3. Tall Boots

tall boots for travel

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A good pair of boots is certain for fall, and also keep your feet warm and dry on a damp day. Tall boots are a must! If you do a lot of walking during your travels go for these comfortable Sweater Combat Boots. For a more fashionable alternative, should you be taking a more relaxing trip, these Leatherette Slouchy Knee Highs will look great and get you where you need to go.

4. A Cozy Shawl

cozy shawl

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If you’re traveling in the fall, you might as well embrace the latest fall trends—especially when they’re perfect for travelers. Oversized shawls are in and super comfortable. Perfect for a chilly plane ride or walking around on a windy day, a shawl will keep you warm and on-trend.

5. Compression Socks and Leggings


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Sore legs and feet are one downside to travel, but thankfully there’s compression-wear to help combat the pain. RejuvaHealth ensure you’ll look good while you take care of yourself. With this line of fashionable socks and leggings that assist circulation, it’s easy to layer compression wear into your outfit without compromising on style. Simply wear the leggings under a dress or throw on knee-high socks

6. A Versatile Cardigan

Fall Travel

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Cardigans are a smart and packable layer for fall trips—They’re light and don’t take up much space. You can slip them on over a T-shirt or under a larger sweater if gets really cold, but the best part about cardigans is the number of styles and colors they come in. For women, the color choices and pockets of the ZJ Boyfriend Cardigan are a great place to start; guys can find their style with the right Match Men’s Cardigan Sweater.

7. A Leather Backpack


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If you don’t want to spend the day holding onto your scarf, hat, and extra cardigan, invest in a small leather backpack that will keep all your layers at the ready and match your autumn wardrobe. Leather (and even synthetic leather) resists water better than cloth backpacks, and it always looks fashionable.

Jamie Ditaranto, Smarter Travel | September 15, 2016

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