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Things to Do in Budapest
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Things to Do in Budapest

 Things to Do in Budapest This post will touch on some of the best things to do in Budapest, Hungary, if you’re ever able to make it out there. It’s a hidden gem in the sense that not enough Americans, and people in general across the world, know about this spectacular city. Before I recommend some of the things to do in Budapest, like I’ve said in previous posts, I’m a huge fan of having no agenda and ...
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7 Travel Myths

Flipping 7 Travel Myths on Their Head Travel is beautiful in so many ways: it offers an opportunity to expand your horizons, meet new people, and open yourself up to a world of adventure that wouldn’t have existed otherwise – and that’s the tip of the iceberg. With that said, there are an incredible amount of misconceptions about travel. There are all sorts of false assumptions floating around that prevent ...
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How to Find Work Overseas

Find Work Overseas Finding work overseas is a fantastic way to continue your travel adventure for an extended period of time and really get to know the place you are visiting. If you can make money while you’re traveling, you’ll be able to continue living your travel dreams. The most straightforward way to find work overseas is to get a company to sponsor you. This is possible, but not easy. For ...
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Redeem Credit Card Bonuses for Cheap and Free Flights

Redeem Credit Card Bonuses for Cheap and Free Flights I’ve seen credit card bonuses work incredibly well for certain people and I’ve also seen them backfire. Before we get into this post, two HUGE disclaimers. One, do your research. Don’t use a credit card for the sake of spending. Use a credit card to get the rewards and then strategically pay it off. Two, I do not in any way endorse the credit cards I ...
5 Key Insights For Epic Travels
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5 Key Insights For Epic Travels

Key Insights for Travel I’ve lived and traveled all around the world. From epic nights of fun in Budapest, Hungary, to roaming the Asia side of Istanbul, a city on two continents, at 3 in the morning with my Turkish friends, to speaking in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I’ve had my fair share of adventures. As I write this, I’m more than 38,000 feet over the Atlantic Ocean on way to Europe, a continent I ...
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Make the Most of Your Travel Budget and Do the Improbable

Travel Budget Tips Travel saved my college career. Travel literally turned a boring and mundane college experience into the trip of a lifetime. I got recruited to play baseball at McDaniel College, but got unexpectedly benched. I had a great tryout and made the team, but on the one day the head coach decided to closely evaluate me I had a bad game. This is the kind of coach where his first impression of ...
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