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Travel Hacks for your 2016 Holiday

Travel Hacks The search online for the best travel hacks to make your next holiday easier can bring up thousands of results. But without reading up on the travel hacks others have discovered, what could you be missing? You may be packing your bag in a way that isn’t efficient, minimizing the room you have to spare. Or you could book a flight with a certain airline or at a certain time and in doing so, ...
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8 Important Safety Tips For the Solo Traveler

Solo travel can be a very rewarding experience. You're often more open to unique experiences and meeting new people than if you're traveling with friends and/or family. While this can be a wonderful, enriching adventure, it's important to consider safety since you will be alone. Here are my helpful tips on how the solo traveler can plan a fun AND safe solo trip. Book a hotel instead of an Airbnb. Airbnb ...
Traveling Safer in Interesting Times
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Traveling Safer in Interesting Times

John V. Golicz, Executive Editor | January 29, 2016 Traveling Safer When you read the news headlines today, it can be easy to get worried and stop traveling. We live in a world where boundaries are blurred, travel is easy and (perhaps too) open and anything can happen anywhere at any time—a US Street, a Paris theater, a European Train, a hotel in Mumbai, a beach in Egypt or a marathon in Boston. For ...
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Travel Insurance Mistakes

The Big Travel Insurance Mistakes Along with organizing flights, accommodation and visas, purchasing travel insurance is one of the items on the must-do list before venturing overseas. Without travel insurance, emergencies overseas from needing to go to hospital to having to cancel your travel plans can become hugely expensive. But there’s a lot of variety when it comes to travel insurance policies and not ...
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14 Travel Apps you need for 2016

John Golicz, Executive Editor, in collaboration with Fast Cover | December 3, 2015 We are living in a time when travel essentials, from travel planners and itineraries to maps and guides, are all storable in pocket-sized smartphones. Over the past decade or so, developers have designed numerous travel apps to make traveling simpler. “There’s no longer a need to carry maps the size of ...
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7 Ways to Recover from Jet Lag

Recover from Jet Lag with These Tips Flying to different time zones can seriously disrupt your sleep schedule. Jet lag is a nuisance both on vacation and afterward when trying to readjust to your early morning work schedule. Follow these simple travel tips to quickly fix your sleep schedule and Recover from Jet Lag. 1. Don’t nap While a nap can help boost your energy after a rough night’s sleep, it will ...
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4 Thanksgiving Travel Tips You Need to Know

Thanksgiving Travel Tips Thanksgiving is all about enjoying delicious food as you catch up with the family you haven’t seen for months. Unfortunately, getting to this wonderful situation is hardly a fond memory. Traveling on Thanksgiving can be a nightmare. With everyone heading home to see their loved ones, the airports and roads are nothing short of a mess. While we can’t make the crowds disappear, we ...

The Best Cruise Ships

John Golicz, Executive Editor, | November 4, 2015 Cruises are not what they used to be. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all cruising mentality, replaced by specialty cruises, small ships and other specialties to suit every traveler’s need.  It can be tough to navigate this new cruise world, so the knowledgeable editors at Cruise Critic compiled their “best” list of cruises. Best New ...
Top 10 Celebrity Travel Tips!
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Top 10 Celebrity Travel Tips!

By John Golicz, Executive Editor, | July 13, 2015 Ever wonder what your favorite travel celebrities' top travel tips are? We picked out the top 10! Samantha Brown On Traveling Abroad for the First Time "My number one tip for people traveling abroad for the first time - don't over plan! There are so many things to do. There are monuments, museums, castles and cathedrals to see ...
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Travel Tips

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