Hide Your Valuables While Traveling – Travel Hacks
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Hide Your Valuables While Traveling – Travel Hacks

Hide Your Valuables Losing a valuable or getting robbed during a trip can certainly ruin the experience. Many tourist destinations have talented pickpockets, so it’s important to know of the best ways to hide your valuables while traveling. Fortunately, you can keep your things safe with everything from secret underwear compartments to shoes with built-in money slots. Check out these 7 brilliant ways ...
US Waterfalls – Top 11 Most Amazing Waterfalls
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US Waterfalls – Top 11 Most Amazing Waterfalls

Waterfalls come in all different varieties, and they're all beautiful in their own way, whether they’re huge, small, skinny, etc. Believe it or not, some of the most impressive and breathtaking waterfalls are found right here in the U.S., so why not visit them all? Here's a list of the top 11 most remarkable US Waterfalls. 1. Niagara Falls Coming in at #1 on our US Waterfalls list is this beauty, ...
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3 Ways to Unplug on Vacation

Unplug on Vacation We travel to get away. We want a break from work and responsibilities. Unfortunately, it’s becoming harder and harder to escape these things during your vacation with growing forms of communication. So how can you truly escape while vacationing? Unplug on Vacation. A trip that disconnects you from the world is something many people covet. Research shows that having a phone on you ...
Top 10 Beach Cities in America
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Top 10 Beach Cities in America

Top 10 Beach Cities in America For many Americans, summer time means HIT THE BEACH! However, if you can only take so much sun and swim, there are a plethora of U.S. beaches that have way more to offer than just sunshine and waves. Expand your beach list to include hot cultural places, spectacular museums, and alluring culinary scenes. Here are the Top 10 Beach Cities in America 1. Carmel by the Sea, ...
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How To Take Jaw-Dropping Travel Photos

I recently spoke with Jessica Rule, writer of Escape Button Blog and Nathalie Basha, writer of The Travel Muse—two women who have turned their Instagram accounts into perfection including pictures from destinations around the world. — Check out these tips on how to take jaw-dropping Travel Photos.

 1. Pick the Right Backdrop Choosing the right backdrop for your photo is one of the ...
The 9 Most Breathtaking Coastlines on Earth
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The 9 Most Breathtaking Coastlines on Earth

In need of some travel inspiration for a beautiful bay to visit or a striking coastal drive to experience this summer? While there are plenty of coastlines, only a select few of them are as spectacular as these. Here are 9 of the most breathtaking coastlines to visit for the crystal clear waters, plunging cliffs, and jaw-dropping views.

1. Antofagasta, Chile Located at the country’s ...
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Global Entry vs. TSA PreCheck

With TSA security lines becoming longer and no solution in the near future, TSA Precheck--a paid program that offers members a fast track through security--could be a smart investment. Is giving money to the organization that's responsible for the problem truly the best solution, though? Is there a superior alternative for whizzing through airport security? We explore these questions and more ...
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10 Affordable Destinations for Summer 2016

Here are 1000TravelTips most Affordable Destinations for Summer 2016: San Francisco and Sonoma County, California San Francisco is not typically synonymous with affordable, but new flight routes and lower hotel prices make the Bay Area a great destination for an affordable summer getaway this year. Flights: Round-trip flights from New York are well under $400 during the summer. ...
TSA Warns Long Lines at Airport Security
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TSA Warns Long Lines at Airport Security

TSA Warns Long Lines More travelers are considering road trips for their summer vacations this year, if for no other reason than to avoid airports. TSA has been receiving some serious heat lately for the insanely long security lines at most major U.S. airports. Lines are so long, in fact, that many travelers who arrive to the airport within the suggested two-hour window are still missing their ...
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Top 8 Bike Friendly Cities in the World

Bike Friendly Cities There's no doubt that Europe is the most bike-friendly place but there are plenty of other places around the world where pedal-friendly travelers can feel at home. Here are our top bike-friendly cities in the world. 1: Copenhagen, Denmark According to the Copenhagenize Index, a comprehensive ranking system created by the Copehnagenize Design Company every two years, the capital of ...
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