Best Family Travel Gadgets
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Best Family Travel Gadgets

Best Family Travel Gadgets


Electronics can certainly make a family vacation easier, however, the last thing you want to do is take up a ton of space in your luggage full of gadgets that you might not even use. This list of the top 7 family travel gadgets are lightweight and easy to bring along when you and your family hit the road.


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Top 7 Family Travel Gadgets:


1. Kindle Fire

kindle fire image


The Kindle Fire offers 33 million books, apps, movies, games, and music. It’s lightweight, durable, entertaining, and kid-friendly! Bring a Kindle Fire along for your next family trip and you certainly won’t be disappointed.


2. Fit Bit


Keep your family moving when you travel! Having a Fit Bit will allow you and your family to track each step taken during your travels. Make a goal every day to surpass the number of steps taken the previous day. This gadget will also track your sleep, calories burned, and active minutes. Even keep a food log to ensure you’re being healthy during your travels!


3. Selfie Stick


Family Travel Gadgets


Take the best vacation photos with a selfie stick! Snag a picture of your favorite adventures, and even get the entire family in the photo without having to ask someone else to take it! Selfie sticks are great for capturing special moments during your family vacation.


4. Headphones for Kids


When you absolutely can’t listen to Sponge Bob another time, give your kids a pair of headphones. Unfortunately not all headphones are created equal and we have found that the over the head “old school” ones work better than ear buds. We will bring these on road trips and airplanes because honestly no one wants to listen to our kids’ music or video games. Look for headphones that feature a volume limit capability to protect those little ears like these ones from Kidz Gear.


5. GoPro HERO


Film all your family vacation action with a GoPro HERO. When you mount it on a helmet, this camera allows you to videotape all of your fast action, high flying vacation stunts, and it can even go underwater. You’ll want one of these to document your next adventure!


6. Leap Frog LeapReader


Tips on Traveling with Infants and Babies


With a Leap Frog LeapReader, not only can kids listen and read, they can practice writing skills as well. There’s a volume controlled headphone jack so if you don’t want to listen (or if you’re on a plane), just plug in some headphones and the kids are good to go!


7. Portable Battery Charger with Dual Outlets


With all of these electronics, it’s necessary to have somewhere to charge them. Every night you can charge them while you’re sleeping, but if the battery drains while you’re on the road, you want to have a portable battery charger with you.  Make sure you have one of these on your next vacation!


Kirsten Maxwell, Kids Are a Trip | September 7, 2017

I’m Kirsten, owner of the travel blog Kids Are A Trip. I’m a wife and mom to three active boys and a very loving Bernedoodle. Arizona born, I barely survive our Chicago winters. A bilingual teacher of Puerto Rican descent, I love learning about other cultures around the world. Join us as we share our travel adventures and tips, including the challenge of traveling with a child with food allergies. So pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee, and find some inspiration for your next family trip and visit

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    Each one of these travel gadgets is so essential to make the travelling much more comfortable. Do you use Kindle Fire, Kirsten?

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