Best Ski Trip Tips
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Best Ski Trip Tips

3 Best Ski Trip Tips Every Snow Enthusiast Should Know


Ski Trip Tips #1: Trying A New Resort

Flexibility and savings define a reasonable prospective experience at a new resort and is important to take into account, making this the first tip on our Skip Trip Tips list. There are a number of reasons why. For one, the new resort is still finding its “legs”, as it were. As a result, they’ll likely make certain operational mistakes for which they’ll have to compensate guests. Additionally, without ironclad protocols, negotiation is possible.

This means you may be able to get better amenities for the same price just by properly bartering as you book your reservation. Should there be a more established snow sport option available, you’ll definitely have an edge. But even if you don’t get a discount through negotiation, and the resort does everything so well you can’t find issue, you can still get savings and value.

For one, all the rooms will likely be new. For another, it will be imperative for the newer resort to maintain excellent slopes. If snow doesn’t come naturally, machines will frost the slopes. You’ll likely see a ubiquity of fine-dining and other amenities designed to increase new traveler attraction as well.

Next, when there is a new industry for a certain entertainment pursuit, the likelihood is that industry won’t be represented by a crowded crush of tourists. So you’ll be able to get your pick of attractions, rooms, dining, nightlife—the list goes on. This is especially true for Australia, where winter sports are a burgeoning entertainment innovation.


Ski Trip Tips #2: Remember The Morning After

Ski Trip Tips

Many winter sports enthusiasts develop musculature and skill on the slopes with repeated visitation. However, there is an “off” and an “on” season. This means that eventually, you’ll have some serious time where your body isn’t subjected to the healthy rigors of skiing or snowboarding—said rigors being twofold.

You’re going to have the healthy pain which comes from regular exercise, and that will be silhouetted in the bruises which come from those times you zig when you should have zagged, then trip into a you-shaped snowball. Your adrenaline diminishes the impact of both physical exertion and the pain.

Additionally, the cold forces your body to work its “internal generator”, if you will, more than it does usually—especially in Australia, where cold temperatures are generally not the norm in most places.

These things combine into a situation where the next morning can feel like the hangover rang twice, if you will. Your body aches, you’re tired, you may have a headache through fluid loss, and you may not be able to maximize your winter sports vacation. Imagine paying for a week and only being able to enjoy three days out of it.

You want to prepare beforehand. Eat a hearty meal, get a good night’s sleep, have plenty of fluids available, and pace yourself on the slopes. If you gradually lead into it, you’ll do fine.


Ski Trip Tips #3: Book In The Off-Season If You Can

When it comes to winter sports, there’s a very specific season where the slopes are snowy. That said, that season waxes and wanes. It will have a peak, and it will additionally have a slough—or even several. You’re looking for the time when the least amount of people are there. You’ll get better package deals then, and less-crowded slopes.

One organization in Australia offering some fine winter sports fun is; their ski packages are very affordable, as a matter of fact, there are some which are “Starting from $85 per person per night.”


Hit Those Slopes

There’s a limited season in the land of Oz, but the slopes are burgeoning, and the opportunity for adventure is high. Conditions are cost-effective right now, and you may find that it’s the perfect time to plan your Australian ski resort getaway.


Hellen McAdams, ContentFirst | September 12, 2017

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