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10 Rules For a Safer Hotel Stay

JC Lightcap, | January 12, 2016 Travelers have multiple choices when it comes to choosing hotels overseas, and many base their final pick on the advertised star rating. After a lot of time on the road, I learned that hotel star ratings indicate more than just luxury. You may shy away from five-star hotels due to the price, but consider this: When you pay for more stars, you are paying for ...
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Miami’s Newest Hotels: Beds on Fire

Miami is in the midst of another hotel boom. From the beach to downtown, and even in some of the newly popular neighborhoods, the city is full of exciting new lodging options. Here’s a rundown of recently-opened and soon-to-open hotels, because Miami loves a fresh new face. The Redbury South Beach: Music video director-turned-hotel-curator Matthew Rolston opened the first Redbury in Hollywood, and now ...
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Holiday Travel Blunders to Avoid – Pauline Frommer’s Top 10

Holiday Travel Blunders The 2015 holiday season is expected to see its highest amount of travelers since 2007.  46.9 million Americans are expected to travel at least 50 miles away from home during the holidays. Navigating your way through the crowds both on the road and in the air can be a major challenge so take a look at our following traveling tips. Here are 10 Travel Blunders to Avoid this holiday ...
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14 Travel Apps you need for 2016

John Golicz, Executive Editor, in collaboration with Fast Cover | December 3, 2015 We are living in a time when travel essentials, from travel planners and itineraries to maps and guides, are all storable in pocket-sized smartphones. Over the past decade or so, developers have designed numerous travel apps to make traveling simpler. “There’s no longer a need to carry maps the size of ...
Ultimate Travel Tips for Traveling Abroad
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Ultimate Travel Tips for Traveling Abroad

Shannon McMahon, | November 25, 2015 Planning and preparing for a trip abroad is best done ahead of time. Booking flights and accommodations, of course, are usually booked months in advance, but don’t stop there. You should spend time preparing to ensure your health, safety and financial necessities are covered while traveling. But most of your preparation should be dedicated to ensuring ...
The Rookie’s Guide to Airbnb
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The Rookie’s Guide to Airbnb

Olivia Briggs, | November 3, 2015 Read Reviews Vacation rentals, like those found on Airbnb, are a rising trend in the travel industry mainly because they offer better amenities and more space than a typical hotel room, but they also don’t need to adhere to the same standards that hotels do. Read the reviews from previous guests before booking, even if this is your dream vacation home. ...
7 Biggest Travel Rip-offs
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7 Biggest Travel Rip-offs

Samantha Brown, | October 14, 2015 Between airfare or train tickets, accommodations, rental cars and other necessities, traveling can be expensive. Certain charges are easily avoidable though, and often end up being a big waste of money. Be aware of these 7 biggest travel rip-offs to avoid unnecessary spending on your next vacation. 1.     Wifi Charges Some people simply cannot ...
Petsitting & Housesitting Vacations While Abroad
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Petsitting & Housesitting Vacations While Abroad

By Dan & Leah van der Kooy, Off the Main Drag | October 7, 2015 We are always looking for ways to save money while traveling.  One of the more interesting and rewarding ways to do this is to become a housesitter or pet sitter for someone going on their own vacation. Housesitting or Petsitting is when another person or family agrees to let you stay in their home in exchange for watching over their home ...
Discover Gay-friendly Ireland Five Ways
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Discover Gay-friendly Ireland Five Ways

By Ed Salvato, | August 25, 2015 In May Ireland became the first country to approve same-sex marriage by popular vote, essentially hanging out a global, rainbow-hued "You're welcome" sign. (Irish poet Oscar Wilde, persecuted for being gay, would be surprised to say the least.) Shortly after Ireland's landmark vote, Tourism Ireland launched a website for LGBT visitors and released a video ...
Best Same-Sex Honeymoon Hotels
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Best Same-Sex Honeymoon Hotels

By Ed Salvato, Co-Founder, Editor in Chief, ManAboutWorld Magazine | August 5, 2015 In a historic ruling by the Supreme Court bolstered by increasing tolerance among Americans, marriage equality is law in all 50 states. In recognition of this milestone, our thoughts turn to the perfect place to celebrate the nuptials of newly minted same-sex couples. Whether you get married or just want a romantic ...
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