Tips for an LGBT Travel Revolution
LGBT Travel Travel Smarter

Tips for an LGBT Travel Revolution

LGBT Travel Revolution

Wanna start an LGBT travel revolution? Every time you travel, you have a vote. You vote with your travel wallet. Every time you travel, you have the power to positively transform the world. LGBT Americans will spend billions on travel next year. What hotel you choose, what destination you visit, what airline you fly, and how you plan, book, and pay for your travel can send a loud message to Corporate America. Your travel dollars have the power to send an economic message to Corporate America. From holiday travel to Spring Break and your business trip to Vegas, you can buy gay travel.


LGBT Travel Revolution

1. Seek Out LGBT-Friendly Companies.

Refer to the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index at For example, planning a trip to Atlantic City? The Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa and Caesars ranked 100%. If you have a choice in Atlantic City hotels, why not support these two leaders and let them know you did?

2. Answer Surveys!

Be sure to “out” yourself on surveys. Take every opportunity to recognize how LGBT outreach has impacted your travel decisions and be sure to recognize those that do it right (like Enterprise Rent-A-Car) and those that missed the boat.

3. Support LGBT-Owned Businesses and Events

Small businesses are the life blood of the LGBT community. Small, gay-owned businesses are the first our community turns to financially support our issues, our politics, our community and our health. When you stay at a gay guesthouse in Key West or Ft. Lauderdale, you support the LGBT community there. Consider an RSVP, Olivia, Atlantis, R Family Vacations, or a Source Events trip. There is power and safety in numbers. Be sure to subscribe to LGBT travel publications and apps that promote and connect our community like local LGBT newspapers, ManAboutWorld, GayCities, Navigaytour, or Curve Magazine.

4. Out Yourself While Booking Travel

Google gay-friendly (airlines) or gay-friendly (hotels) and see what pops up and click through! Follow the links. Travel companies are following your digital trail and that’s ok in this instance. Increasingly, your digital travel purchase behavior is being tracked in a sophisticated way that also protects your privacy. 

5. Invite Others to Do the Same

Talk to your friends, relatives, and business contacts about how you and they can change the world by supporting those travel experiences that support equality.

Jeff Guaracino, Man About World | January 10, 2017

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