Packing Tips for Men
Packing Tips Travel Smarter

Packing Tips for Men

By Carl Unger, | May 12, 2015

Travel Advice WebsitePacking last minute – every guy has been guilty of it at least once and the majority of us won’t even deny it. The result is usually one of three things:

1. We run around frantically throwing things into a suitcase
2. We forget something that we absolutely cannot forget, like a wallet or passport
3. All of the above

Being a seasoned traveler, I’ve learned that preparing to travel, including packing ahead of time and learning new packing tips helps to save time, hassle and last minute frustration not only for you, but also for everyone you’re traveling with. That being said, here are some packing tips for men!

Packing Tip: Take Care of Your Laundry
It may seem simple, but do your laundry before you start to pack. First, you won’t find out that you only have three clean pairs of underwear to pack the night before your trip. Second, you can take your fresh, folded laundry and pack it in our suitcase to avoid wrinkles.

Packing Tip: Be Prepared
Make sure to pack two of everything vital to your trip. From an extra pair or socks to an extra t-shirt, you never know when disaster can strike. If you get caught in the rain during the day wearing your only pair of dress socks that you need for a client dinner the next night, you’ll be glad there’s dry socks in your suitcase.

Packing Tip: Repurpose Clothing
From shoes that work for both a business meeting and a bar night, to suit pieces that can be worn both together and separate, lighten the load and save some space by packing interchangeable articles of clothing.

Packing Tip: Don’t Crush Your Ties
This packing tip is so simple: roll them. Roll your tie like a spool of tape and pack it in a place where it can get crushed.

Packing Tip: Use Your Shoes
Put socks, rolled up underwear or really anything small inside your shoes. You’ll save your shoes from getting ruined in your suitcase and you’ll save space!

Packing Tip: Use the Width of Your Suitcase
Dress shirts, sport coats, delicate sweaters and dress pants should all be folded so they take up the width of your suitcase and should always be packed last. If you follow this packing tip, you’ll be unpacking these items first (and not forgetting about them) and you’ll cut down on wrinkling.

Packing Tip: Keep Your Technology Organized
Let’s be honest here, you’ll have more than one charger for more than one device. Keep your cords organized in a small bag and always bring an extra charger for your cellphone or tablet. Place one charger in your carry on and one in your checked bag just in case.

Packing Tip: Use A Dopp Kit
Keep all your toiletries organized in a dopp kit that you should pack towards the top of your suitcase. There’s always one of us that packs our deodorant in our suitcase only to tear through our clothes to use it the morning of our trip.

Packing Tip: Lay Out Essentials the Night Before
Especially handy for early-morning flights, place your wallet, passport, keys, travel clothes and anything else important in a can’t miss spot. Follow this packing tip so you’ll know where everything is and won’t have to search the house for your wallet or car keys.

Packing Tip: Unpack When You Check In
When you get to your hotel room, the first thing you should do is unpack. The longer your clothes sit in your suitcase, the higher the chance of them getting more and more wrinkled will be. There you have it, these are all the male packing tips you need! Boy voyage!

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