Packing Tips – Pack Like a Pro
Packing Tips Travel Smarter

Packing Tips – Pack Like a Pro

8 Packing Tips to Pack Like a Pro!

There’s nothing worse than carrying around heavy bags filled with items that you don’t need. As travelers, we’ve all overpacked and have regretted it. Avoid paying more baggage fees and save some room for souvenirs by checking out these packing tips on how to pack smart.

1) Check the Weather Forecast for Your Destination Before Packing.

Even you plan for it to be super hot, don’t forget to pack a sweater. They often times crank up the air conditioning in the plane to freezing! Everything these days is over air-conditioned, so be prepared with a light to medium-weight cover-up.

2) When it Comes to Packing, Just Think “Less is More.”

Packing Tips

Only pack what you 100% need. If you’ve left anything at home, don’t worry! It’s a globalized world and you’ll likely be able to buy what you forgot.

3) Pick two colors of clothing to mix ’n match during your vacation.

Not only does this make picking out an outfit easy, you only need to bring a couple pairs of shoes to match.

4) Wear Layers and Pack in Layers.

Pack light-weight, neutral-colored clothing that is versatile, doesn’t wrinkle or show dirt (such as brown, black, or tan). I like to travel with older clothes, so I can donate them and buy new ones as I go.

More Packing Tips:

5) Pack Comfortable Shoes.

Exploring the city will be easier and much more comfortable in good shoes. Now is the time to start breaking in the pair(s) you plan to wear on your next trip. Also pack one pair of shoes that can be worn to a nice dinner or dance club if duty calls.

6) For Wrinkle-Free Clothes…

luggage lined up

When packing, roll your clothing! Lay flat and roll tightly from bottom to top to save space and prevent wrinkling. Also, when you get to your hotel or apartment, unpack as soon as possible to further prevent wrinkles. For lazy ironers like me, if your clothes are wrinkled when you unpack, turn the shower on, shut the door, hang up your clothes and let the hot steam de-wrinkle your clothing.

7) For Easy Access to Those Small Items

Pack underwear, socks, jewelry or other small personal items in a transparent Ziplock bag

8) Carry All Valuables and Must-Have Items in Your Carry-on Bag:

This way, if your checked bag is temporarily lost by the airline, you’ll still have all your essentials. Bring all necessary doctor and insurance information and Rx prescriptions with you on your trip, just in case you need to refill.

One Last Packing Tip!

Wear your heaviest or bulkiest shoes, sweaters and jackets on the plane. That way, you don’t have to pack them.

Author: Travel Junkie: A Badass Guide to Solo Female Travel



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