Samantha Brown’s Tips for First-Time International Travelers
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Samantha Brown’s Tips for First-Time International Travelers

Samantha Brown Travel Expert Advice

At January’s Chicago Travel & Adventure Show, caught up with Travel Channel host Samantha Brown to get her top three tips for first-time travelers!

Don’t Over Plan
While traveling abroad, there is an overwhelming amount of things to do and places to see, but Samantha suggests sticking to two attractions per day. “There are tons of monuments and museums and castles and cathedrals to do wherever you go, but stick to 2 things to do per day – for example one museum, one castle or one cathedral – that’s it.” That way you don’t get bogged down, and can take the time to actually enjoy the place you’re visiting instead of trying to cram everything in at once.

Always Create A Ritual
Her second tip is an unusual one, to create a ritual. Samantha explains one of the best ways to get the most out of your trip abroad is to slow down and take everything in by creating a ritual and experiencing the city like a local would. “I love doing this myself. No matter where I am, I have a cup of coffee at the same place every day. I love it because it just allows me to be more like a local going to the same place.”

Don’t Over Pack!
Brown’s last tip is whatever you do, don’t over pack. She assures you it is perfectly fine to wear the same pair of jeans three or four times. Not over packing will ensure lighter luggage, making it easier to navigate, besides, hotel laundry costs significantly less then baggage fees. She also adds washing your clothes in the sink as another option.

Take A Major City Tour
Experiencing a new city can be scary and overwhelming before learning the lay of the land. So, how do you acclimate yourself to a new city? “Those hop on, hop off bus tours are great! They give you a lay of the land, you can see little parts very quickly and now you know what to go back to and visit when you’re on your own.” Samantha also advises travelers to take part in a walking tour. “Go with someone profession first, then go it alone for the rest of your time.”

To hear the full interview with Samantha Brown, watch her one-on-one interview with Travel & Adventure Show Founder & CEO, John Golicz.

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