Stress Free Travel for a Big Family
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Stress Free Travel for a Big Family

Stress Free Travel

Cruise Planners, an American Express Travel Representative, reveals the secrets to stress free travel for a group that’s fun for everyone

We know group travel can get complicated, that’s why Cruise Planners is here to make it easy. By having a travel advisor do the dirty work for you, you’ll avoid worrying about things such as organizing transportation and meals for your large group or handling all the payments. A professional travel agent specializes in making sure everyone’s individual needs are met while ensuring you have an all-access VIP experience.


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Follow these simple tips to ensure you have the best group travel experience with your group and travel agent!


1. Proactively Communicate

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Communicate throughout the whole process so no one gets left out which will help contribute towards stress free travel. Assign a group leader who talks with the travel agent on a regular basis and sends out email updates to the group so nothing gets lost in translation. Find an agent who has a group reservation system and web portals to help manage your groups.


2. Talk Money

stress free travel


Make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to what each traveler is willing to spend. Be transparent with your agent when it comes to the group’s finances so you’ll have the best vacation within budget.


3. Be Flexible

Keep in mind that you are traveling with a group and need to accommodate everyone. The travel professional will do his or her best to make sure everyone is happy and can help choose a resort or cruise with activities for everyone. Have an adventurous spirit and you may find yourself enjoying a new experience that you love.


4. Set Your Schedule

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Build a day-by-day schedule for your trip with your travel agent, having a schedule is essential for stress free travel. While traveling, this will make it easier for each member of your group to know where they have to be and when. Cruise Planners travel agents have access to special tools and price trackers so you can access every little detail throughout your entire trip whether it be by mobile app, computer or print-out. Remember to build in free time so members of the group can relax and go off on their own.


5. Plan Ahead for Excursions and Special Events

Because travel agents are the experts, they have all the best connections. Special tours you want to go on can be done with a private guide who can show you once-in-a-lifetime experiences. If your group is celebrating a special occasion, let your travel advisor know ahead of time. They are there to add those memorable details and make sure your celebration is truly magical.


If you follow these key tips with a Cruise Planners travel advisor, you’re sure to have stress free travel, after and during your group vacation.


Cruise Planners | March 30, 2017

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