Things to Carry in India – Traveling to India
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Things to Carry in India – Traveling to India

What to Carry in India

What to Carry in India

India is the land of art and architecture, food and spices, colour and youthfulness. From mountains to deserts, India will never fail to surprise you in every possible aspect. The culture and the warmth of the people will win your heart over. Travelling in India can be a very rich and rewarding experience but you also need certain essentials that you might not want to forget while traveling in India. In this article, we have jotted down 6 things that we feel are absolutely a must and they are sure to come in handy. Here are our top 6 things to carry in India.


1. Identity Proof and Documents

This is a no-brainer whether you are a foreigner or even an Indian travelling the country and our first item to carry in India. You need to have your necessary documents which will include an identity proof (say, Voter’s Card or PAN Card), permissions, visas or even the booking receipts, if you have pre-booked tickets or a hotel. These documents need to be kept in a safe place and also within an easy reach. You don’t want to rummage through your entire luggage every time you need to produce a necessary document. To know more about famous tourist places in India, see:


2. Medicines

We cannot stress the importance of carrying the right medicines while travelling in India. The very basics include antipyretics, painkillers and antacids. With the amazing food journey that you will be on, your digestive system needs to be taken proper care of. The delicious street food and vendors can lure you to consume a lot all throughout the day. Carry an antiseptic lotion in case of any minor cuts or wounds. Band aids can be beneficial in these situations. It is also advisable to carry water purifying tablets while traveling in India. This will also save you some extra money because you wouldn’t need to buy packed water at every stop. If you love adventure and want to try some of them, while in India, check:


3. Scarf

Scarves are the easiest and yet, the most fashionable way in which you can beat the heat and the sun. It is not always possible to lather on sunscreen or even carry an umbrella everywhere you go. Carrying a scarf that fits in easily in your handbag has a whole lot of benefits. So, it is safe to say that scarves are going to be your best friend. Also, just in case you are feeling a little chilly, you can always wrap the scarf around like a stole. If you are planning your vacation for any Hill Station in India, compare on: and then make your itinerary.


4. Bug Repellent

You do not want to be worrying about mosquito bites and bugs whilst exploring the forests and enjoying your exotic camel ride. This will keep a lot of the diseases at bay. Mosquito repellents are easily available in any chemist store and is #4 on our things to carry in India list. They are non-sticky and it would not feel greasy on the surface of the skin.


5. Sanitizers or Napkins

Travelling in India can turn out to be messy and sometimes your hands are sure to get dirty. It is thus, always a good option to keep travel size sanitizers or wet wipes to keep hygiene in check. Wet wipes can also be used as facial wipes to get rid of dirt and germs that might accumulate on the face after a day’s travel. They provide instant freshness and leave you feeling refreshed. If you are an animal lover and want to explore some the National Parks or Wildlife Sanctuaries while in India, check:


6. Deodorants

The weather in most parts of India is hot and humid. This may result in a lot of sweating all throughout the day. Thus, it is a great tip to keep a deodorant in your handbag. Smelling good is a must to keep going. To beat the weather conditions, spray some deodorant every few hours and this keep you smelling fresh all day.

India is a mysterious land. It has loads of adventures and fun to provide. Keeping these 6 things will get you through your travelling days and make the journey easier and healthier. They say, ‘travelling is the only thing you buy that makes you rich’. So, enjoy every moment and make memories that will last you a lifetime.

Featured Photo: MITRA, CC BY 2.0


Rohit Agarwal, TransIndiaTravels | June 7, 2017

As a lover of traveling and writing, Rohit’s blogs give a lot of knowledge through his many experiences of touring the most amazing locations of India.

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