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10 Incredible Hotels in Los Angeles
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10 Incredible Hotels in Los Angeles

Our Top 10 Incredible Hotels in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to a number of incredible hotels. Whether they are sleek and modern in design or hold on to a bit of old Hollywood glamour, we have incredible hotels to fit every need. Of course, in a city that is sunny and perfect a majority of the year, hotel pools are a top feature. But the fun doesn’t stop at the hotel pool. The ...
Top 10 Things to NOT Do in LA
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Top 10 Things to NOT Do in LA

Things to NOT Do in LA As a concierge, I am always telling people what they should do. My spin is always positive, because that is what people want to hear. Plus I want to highlight all the best things Los Angeles has to offer. Well, today I am going to do something different and share with you all the things you should NOT do in LA. Feel free to check out ...
Hotel Upgrade – 5 Ways to Better Your Chances
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Hotel Upgrade – 5 Ways to Better Your Chances

Hotel Upgrade: 5 Ways to Better Your Chances

I have worked in hotels for nearly 15 years, and I’ve been a concierge for over 12 years. Although I am not the one making or changing room reservations, I have certainly seen quite a few things. The following are a few insider suggestions on how to get a hotel upgrade.

1. Be Nice Simply by being nice and asking nicely upon ...
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