The Best Cruise Ships

John Golicz, Executive Editor, | November 4, 2015 Cruises are not what they used to be. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all cruising mentality, replaced by specialty cruises, small ships and other specialties to suit every traveler’s need.  It can be tough to navigate this new cruise world, so the knowledgeable editors at Cruise Critic compiled their “best” list of cruises. Best New ...

9 Ways to Ruin Your Cruise

Avital Andrews, | October 6, 2015 9 ways to ruin your cruise A cruise can be a great way to vacation. If you aren’t smart, though, a cruise can quickly turn from dream vacation to nightmare. Here are 9 ways to ruin your cruise from the experts at Avoid these cruise mistakes to ensure an enjoyable cruising experience.  1.     Booking a same-day flight If you fly the ...
Cruise Tips from Celebrity Cruises
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Cruise Tips from Celebrity Cruises

By Scott Clifton, Celebrity Cruises | September 1, 2015 Get the top cruise tips and cruise trends from Scott Clifton, Associate Vice President of Strategic Marketing Teams for Celebrity Cruises. From cruising in Europe to new experiences that combine African safaris with cruises, Scott will give the top cruise tips for first time cruisers, cover the latest trends in the cruise industry and explains all ...
Johnny Jet’s Insider Travel Tips
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Johnny Jet’s Insider Travel Tips

Johnny Jet is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of - The Travel Insider. In this video, Johnny gives you the advice you need to upgrade from coach to first class and the benefits of taking a cruise instead of a traditional vacation. For more insider trips, visit! ...
5 Factors for Your First Cruise
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5 Factors for Your First Cruise

By Charles McCool, | May 11, 2015 Cruises are popular vacations because it allows you to visit a different destination every day (without daily packing and unpacking) and rates are generally inclusive (includes lodging, meals, entertainment, etc.). While shopping for your first cruise, consider these 5 factors! Cruise Line Cruise lines spend a fortune in advertising and promotion to ...
Travel Tips | Travel Advice from Travel Experts

Travel Tips

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