Cruise Tips from Celebrity Cruises
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Cruise Tips from Celebrity Cruises

By Scott Clifton, Celebrity Cruises | September 1, 2015

Get the top cruise tips and cruise trends from Scott Clifton, UnknownAssociate Vice President of Strategic Marketing Teams for Celebrity Cruises. From cruising in Europe to new experiences that combine African safaris with cruises, Scott will give the top cruise tips for first time cruisers, cover the latest trends in the cruise industry and explains all that there is to do on your next cruise!

Celebrity Cruises has set the worldwide standard for today’s expression of what first made cruising famous — high quality, superior design, spacious accommodations, grand style, attentive service and exceptional cuisine.

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  1. Junko

    I would definitely use the srveices of a reputable travel agency for an arrangement of this sort; you can check online to see if the agency is member of the Better Business Bureau, or if there have been complaints lodged against the agency. The reasons for using an agency are several. First of all, discount cruises are offered by independent companies and once you have paid for your tickets their responsibility ends. Thus, if there are problems with connecting flights, delays etc that result in someone missing the boat , that person will either miss the cruise or have to buy another ticket to reach the first port of call. Also, if there is a problem with the type of accommodation on the boat (e.g. a couple ends up in an inside stateroom with a double bed when they asked for an outside/queen room) there is nothing to be done. Simply coordinating arrivals and departures for such a large group is a massive task. Travel agents LOVE this stuff. They will also be able to get the best rate for a group. As for the best time for a cruise, well that depends on where you want to go. Cruising in the Caribbean in winter is fantastic; Alaska cruises are great in the summer, as are the cruises from NY to Canada. Which cruise line you take depends on the age range of the people travelling: all the major cruise lines offer activities for kids (as well as adults), but Disney cruises really cater to kids. And remember, cruises are all inclusive (except for alcohol and soft drinks) so once on board all you need to pay for are extras like spa treatments. Visit the sites below to find out more about destinations, then head over to a travel agent. I think a family reunion on a cruise is an absolutely splendid idea.

    February 12, 2016


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