7 Places to Visit in South Africa for 2018
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7 Places to Visit in South Africa for 2018

Where to Go in South Africa for 2018


Kick-start your 2018 bucket-list in South Africa – the allure of the bush, Big 5 and beach in one region ensures every Southern African holiday is filled with unforgettable memories and experiences that suit all interests. Here are our 7 Places to Visit in South Africa for 2018.

“Be as busy or as lazy as you like when you visit the region. The perception that you have to be adventurous and adrenalin-seeking to explore Southern Africa simply isn’t true. Relax on a houseboat on the Chobe River or row in a mokoro in the Okavango. Kick back in a 4×4 safari vehicle to view the Big 5 or embark on a walking safari. There really is no limit to how you can engage with the region’s exciting surrounds,” explains Jaco van der Westhuizen, head safari guide at BushTrails.

“Choosing your Southern Africa holiday is probably the biggest challenge. With the variety of experiences on offer and the distances between destinations, it makes sense to approach a regional travel expert like BushTrails that can tailor-make an experience that suits your requirements and interests.”

“For many travellers to Southern Africa, this is the first, and possibly only time you will be journeying to the region. Rely on local expertise and on-the-ground support to make the most of your experience.”

If you’re planning a holiday in South Africa for 2018, the BushTrails team has compiled a list of their ultimate experiences in the region.


Feel the Spray at Victoria Falls

Also known as the “smoke that thunders”, Victoria Falls’ fine spray of mist can be seen from 30 miles away. It is well-deserving of a bucket-list status as its broad curtain of water tumbles down a cliff that spans over a mile into Batoka Gorge. It is simply one of the most astounding natural displays in the world. Choose a guided tour with BushTrails to find the best vantage points or participate in one of the nearby adrenalin-charged activities, including bungee jumping, zip-lining and white water rafting, or choose something slightly tamer as you cruise along the Zambezi at sunset. A great place to visit in South Africa for 2018!


Hike the Fish River Canyon

fish river canyon shot

Snap up your front-row seat through the depths of Namibia’s Fish River Canyon. Join a qualified BushTrails guide to explore the second-largest canyon in the world. You’ll want to keep your camera on hand during sunrise and sunset as the light amplifies the finer details of eroded rock and hidden crevices – a truly breathtaking sight. Consider some mountain biking in the area, then wash off the dust and relax at the Ai-Ais natural hot water springs.


Bathe in Devil’s Pool

Victoria Falls makes a second appearance on our list of unforgettable Southern African holidays, with its infamous Devil’s Pool. Take a rather daring dip in this devilish jacuzzi, located spectacularly at the top of the falls on the Zambian side. Jump in and let the water swirl and gurgle around you as you peer over the edge of the falls to watch the water tumbling into the gorge below.


See the Skeleton Coast

skeleton coast boat image

Looking down over the enormous bleached whalebones and crumbling shipwrecks of Namibia’s Skeleton Coast is, quite simply, mind-blowing. This is the “Land God Created in Anger” as it’s known by the San and it certainly seems at first glance that nothing could possibly survive here. But look again and you’ll discover tiny plants flourishing in the sand, springbok along the coastal riverbeds and, of course, those incredible desert elephants.


Witness Big Game at Etosha

Big Game at Etosha

A safari lodge stay with BushTrails on the border of Etosha National Park in Namibia means easy access to a plethora of wildlife sightings in one of Southern Africa’s most famous national parks. Venture out on a 4×4 game drive with an experienced guide and you could encounter elephant, rhino, lion and leopard in addition to other wildlife, birds and plant species. The dry, winter months guarantee the best sightings as the animals converge at the diminishing waterholes. A must see when you visit South Africa for 2018.


Paddle Down the Orange River

Orange River South Africa

Add the Orange River to your list of Southern African holidays. From the Drakensberg Mountains on Lesotho’s border, the Orange River flows west towards the Atlantic, spilling out into the Atlantic ocean on the border of South Africa and Namibia. It is beautiful to witness but even more fun to navigate by canoe. Suitable for travellers without any prior canoeing experience, join your BushTrails guide as you pass incredible mountain views and listen to the unmistakable call of the African Fish eagle


Visit the Sossusvlei

South Africa for 2018

It is hard to ignore the alien-like terrain of the Sossusvlei, found within the Namib-Naukluft National Park in Namibia. Even its name is unique, translating into “dead end marsh”, which is quite fitting for such a peaceful, yet eerie place. This flat salt pan is surrounded by a breathtaking range of mountainous, red dunes and is sometimes referred to as the ‘dune sea’. This is mostly because the top layer of sand on these dunes moves in the wind and gives the appearance of rippling water.


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