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Get Energized While Traveling – 7 Things to Help

Get Energized While Traveling Traveling is an adventure, and always requires energy whether you’re hiking Machu Picchu or simply relaxing on the beach. Traveling also typically involves indulging in food and drink that you normally wouldn’t on a daily basis. This can require more energy spent digesting food, and less energy spent to fuel your vacation days. So we’re here to help, and give you a few off ...
Workout While Traveling – Tips and Tricks
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Workout While Traveling – Tips and Tricks

Workout While Traveling Healthy travel isn’t a fad. It’s a trend that is fundamentally reshaping travel itself. People are exploring the world more than ever, for work, for play, to discover, and for healthy adventures. As we do, there’s a growing demand to eat better, move more, and to use every opportunity to stay healthy. It’s dramatically changing air travel along with our visits to hotels and resorts ...
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Help Beat Stress – 9 Tips

Beat Stress Hey, it's no secret...life can be stressful! We all experience stress every now and then, and the key is to find techniques to help reduce it. Here are a few things you can do to help beat stress: 1. Get outdoors and enjoy the scenery Take a walk! It doesn't have to be a sprint or power walk for miles to be effective. You can even take a lap around the block at a comfortable pace. ...
Five Tips to Help People Who Are Afraid to Fly
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Five Tips to Help People Who Are Afraid to Fly

Tips for People Who Are Afraid To Fly For most people, a trip to the airport stirs up feelings of excitement and anticipation due to upcoming travel plans or perhaps irritation at the thought of standing in long lines. Unfortunately, for a few unlucky souls, dread is the overwhelming emotion. These people are afraid of flying. If you or someone you love suffers from the fear of flying, here are five tips ...
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Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling

Tips to Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling Getting sick can ruin a trip and ruin it fast! Here are our tips to avoid getting sick on vacation. In order to make sure you have a sick-free vacation, it’s important to be prepared and take preventative measures to help you avoid getting sick while traveling. Getting sick happens unexpectedly, but there are ways to reduce chances. Check out these 11 simple ...
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Stay Healthy While Traveling

Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling Whether you’re on a busy business trip or a peaceful vacation, it’s easy to overindulge on heavy meals and not exercise. Traveling doesn’t have to mean sabotaging your otherwise healthy lifestyle, though. You can still enjoy a new culture, including local food, without losing focus on your health. Following these simple travel tips will allow you to Stay Healthy While ...
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