Technology and Travel – The Coolest New Travel Items!
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Technology and Travel – The Coolest New Travel Items!

In this modern age new travel accessories and gadgets seem to be appearing on the market every day and they range from the useful essential to the downright bizarre. Sometimes it can be hard to know which ones are truly worth your time and which are just after your money. Here’s a list of what we consider to be three of the coolest new travel items that are just plain brilliant

 GoPro Hero 4 and Mount

The latest addition to the range of GoPro video cameras is fast becoming the coolest of all travel accessories. Here’s a quick rundown of the camera itself; built in WiFi and Bluetooth, 1080p60 and 720p120 video, 12MP photos, waterproof to 40 meters, and the latest model also features a setting for taking night time photos. But this camera really comes into its own with the range of mounts available; whether you’re surfing, dirt biking or taking the world’s longest zip-wire – there is a way to mount this camera to your person or equipment. The result? Some of the most breath-taking videos and photos imaginable.

Apple Airport Express

We’ve all been there, book a reasonably priced hotel in a remote location, settle down to do a bit of blogging or just messaging home to tell people you’re safe, only to find the establishment doesn’t have WiFi. With this device, if you have a plug, you can get online. It plugs straight into the wall and then from your iPhone, iPad, Mac or even regular PC you can access its WiFi network through the utility. The software is built into the iOS but you can download it for free onto your Windows PC. Priced at around $99 this is incredibly reasonable for something capable of giving you internet access anywhere in the world

Hydro-Photon SteriPEN

Although not always necessary for the everyday traveller this device is particularly useful if you are travelling a bit further afield, trekking or going somewhere the local water is not safe. More traditional methods of water purification include using iodine tablets in your water, but anyone who’s tried these will tell you how disgusting that is to drink. The SteriPEN sterilises the water using UV light, in about 48 seconds this device has rendered 99.9% of the bacteria in there harmless. Some models can also be recharged using a hand crank or a solar powered battery. Each device is good for about 8000 liters of water!

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