Five Apps For Free Phone Calls and Texting While Out of the Country
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Five Apps For Free Phone Calls and Texting While Out of the Country

With the rapid growth of the internet, ever advancing technology and more people then ever traveling, there has never been a greater need for software designed to enable communication globally. This need has not only been met it has been smashed by developers all over the world. With WIFI access it is easy to keep in contact with loved ones back home and friends you meet on the road, here is our pick of the top five apps for free phone calls and texting while traveling.


Whilst most only use the messenger app for written conversation and with all the other competition out there it is easy to forget the other functions of Facebook messenger. Not technically able to text as it can’t message phones, we have decided to include it on this list due to the ability to send messages, voice messages and video calls and best of all, it’s totally free, not to mention one of the most used social platforms in the world.


Again, whilst you can’t technically text to a phone like with a phone number, you can send text messages phone to phones along with voice messages. Essentially the walkie talkie of the travel world it’s great for sending photo’s and voice messages without the inconvenience of having to schedule a phone call across time zones.


With Skype, all you need is internet to access to be able to send instant messages and make phone calls and video calls with anyone, anywhere in the world. For its capabilities, Skype is a fantastic bargain, it will cost you nothing, all you need to set up an account is a valid e-mail address and you’re ready to go. It is particularly useful for its phone call function because you can call mobile numbers as well as Skype contacts.


This free messaging app uses WiFi or your data allowance to send instant messages around the world. It is available on almost all platforms and all you need is a mobile number to start sending and receiving text messages from everyone you know. You can send an unlimited number of messages as well as images, videos and audio files. If chatting to one contact is not enough you can set up group chats

Kik Messenger

Kik is similar to WhatsApp messenger in that it can use your phone’s data plan or a WiFi connection in order to send messages around the world. The main difference between this app and WhatsApp is that it has an added focus on security; you are identifiable by your user-name and not your actual phone number. As with other messaging apps it also allows you to send various types of multimedia messages and even sketches.

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