Reasons to go on a Retreat
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Reasons to go on a Retreat

Go on a Retreat

Why do people go on a retreat? After living at a retreat center in the North Carolina mountains for five years and in India for four, I have seen many people come for reasons that range from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Here are four of the top reasons people go on a retreat:

1. Just Get Away From It All

Go on a Retreat

We all know how hectic the modern world can be. It can seem daunting, as though we’re collecting more information than we can handle and that our responsibilities are only growing. However, at the same time, there are opportunities to, as they say, “just get away from it all.” A retreat provides ideal conditions to get away not only from work, but from a tired mental state.

2. Re-energize

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At the Art of Living Retreat Center, our signature retreats are designed to boost your energy levels. So it’s not enough that you could get away for only a few days, but you can go home feeling more confident in your ability to handle stressful situations. Our retreats give you a couple of practical tools to take home to do just this.

3. Learn and Grow

Go on a Retreat

(Picture Credit: Art of Living Retreat Center)

Retreats are opportunities to continue the adventure of learning in a community environment that is open-minded and accepting. Everyone is here to learn, and not just to learn “book smarts” but to discover connections to our own selves and to our friends, family and colleagues at a deeper level. This type of learning can be a journey from head to heart, which is so needed in our day and age. Many people also learn skills and healthy ways of living and cooking that they share with their families back at home.

4. Heal

(Picture Credit: Art of Living Retreat Center)

Another reason to go on a retreat is to heal.For example, in our Ayurveda detox retreats, people undergo a specific diet and series of ancient spa therapies to remove toxins and feel lighter. Many actually lose a considerable amount of weight in a week, so they not only feel lighter, but come home actually being lighter. As one recent retreat goer shared, “I came here to relieve the stress I feel in my life and I feel no stress at all right now. I also wanted to get healthy. I felt like I had toxins that had built up over my life and I feel like they’ve all just been released…I feel healthy. I feel lighter. I feel clean. I feel energetic. I was so lethargic back home everyday and now I just want to climb the mountain.”

What are your reasons to go on a retreat? Often we go on vacation, but can return home needing time to recover from our vacation! Do you want to deepen your yoga practice? Release stress and tension in a sustainable way? Learn new techniques for living happily amidst the chaos of life? Then maybe a retreat is just what you need. If you’re interested, I invite you to check out the signature retreats and many other offerings at the Art of Living Retreat Center in North Carolina and start planning a vacation you can take back home.

Andrew Keaveney, Art of Living Retreat Center | March 22, 2017

 Watch the sun rise over endless mountaintops, rejuvenate with an Ayurvedic treatment at The Spa, or feel the quiet of a walk in the forest. The Retreat Center supports both community groups and transformative solo travelers. This is a place to make all your own, and our staff is here to help you do just that.

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