LGBT: Top 5 Reasons to Visit Antarctica Now
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LGBT: Top 5 Reasons to Visit Antarctica Now

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Antarctica Now 

Any gay who’s been, knows. It’s not in Miami, Palm Springs or found in a tucked away corner of Deck 12 on a gargantuan ship with 5,000 other gays who never go ashore to step foot on the white or black sand beaches of the Caribbean or Mexico.

Visit Antarctica! It’s more mysterious and magical than all the rainbows and unicorns in Rio, Sydney or Fire Island. It’s the hot, new destination for the cool jet set and can only be found in one place on earth, South – ALL THE WAY SOUTH – and you definitely have to be VIP. You may think you’re well traveled, but your map app on Facebook won’t be truly impressive until you step foot on the 7th continent for The Ultimate White Party: Antarctica.

When leading polar adventure company One Ocean Expeditions called offering me an open berth on their 11 night/12 day Ultimate Antarctica Itinerary. To read Mark’s entire article use this link to download a FREE three-month subscription to ManAboutWorld

1. Viking Whale Researchers

viking whale researchers

It can’t get much better than spending 2 weeks cruising in zodiacs, firing crossbows and tagging whales than with the ruggedly handsome, whale researcher, Dr. Ari Friedlaender, University of Oregon’s resident Viking and extreme scientist.

2. Party On Deck

Antarctica party on deck image

After the tedium of yet another Perfect 10 Antarctic day, cruising in zodiacs with warm clear skies, humpbacks breaching, towering white monoliths rising from crystalline blue waters, we arrived back at the ship to a party in full swing on deck and disco music filled the air.

3. Stepping Foot on the 7th Continent

Visit Antarctica

There’s such magic here that when you step foot on Antarctica – especially when doing it with San Francisco Mike, who’s spent the last three years globetrotting solo and the lovely, wicked-smart and fearless Polish, burlesque performer, Anna.


Antarctica Active Volcano Swim

It’s not as cold as you think. The weather can be warm and beautiful in Antarctica, often times topping 50. It’s summer and that means swimsuit season! Most expeditions sail into the blown out caldera of Deception Island, a former whaling station and still active volcano, for some beach time and a once-in-a-lifetime swim in the pure, clean waters of The Southern Ocean.

5. Russian Sailors

Antarctica Russian Soldiers

I encountered a few Russian Sailors on my trip and couldn’t help but notice how well groomed and fashion conscious they were. Not only were they easy on the eyes, but they were also very intriguing people! I was glad they joined our zodiac excursion.


Story and Photos by: Mark Volger, Man About World | August 9, 2016


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