Smartphone Tips for Preparing for a Family Vacation Emergency
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Smartphone Tips for Preparing for a Family Vacation Emergency

11 Smartphone Tips for Using Your Phone to Prepare for a Vacation Emergency

Play all day, wake up rested and refreshed and enjoy the vacation you have been planning for months.  That is the goal of all vacations, but sometimes, things happen. Emergencies can range from the luggage not arriving, the fire alarm in your hotel going off in the middle of the night,  car problems, to unexpected weather such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and flooding. You can use your smartphone and our smartphone tips to minimize the effects of emergencies by being prepared in advance.

Smartphones with cameras are great for fun and capturing wonderful memories while on vacation.  They also can help you be prepared for the unexpected and feel confident knowing you have the information you will need no matter what the emergency.

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Plan Ahead Using Our Smartphone Tips

1. Program your phone with important phone numbers such as doctors, hotel, emergency contact, etc. before leaving home.


2. Before leaving home, take a picture with your phone of all important documents: Driver’s license, passport, citizenship papers, etc.   File copies in Evernote or Dropbox so you have access from anywhere in just about any emergency. If you are separated from your personal items having these items on your phone will be of great help.


3. Take pictures of all your credit cards. Front and back.  If a card is lost or stolen, you can cancel it immediately.


4. If you are a member of AAA or other roadside assistance group, make sure you have the membership number and phone number to call programmed in your phone. You can add these items under notes or take pictures of your card.  If you have a flat, lock your keys in your car, have a dead battery or need to be towed somewhere, this information will be helpful.


5. Make sure you have a digital copy of your hotel reservations, and airfare or other transportation arrangements on your phone. You may need them as proof of purchase or reservation.


6. Take a picture of your suitcase opened when you have finished packing and then closed. If there is any branding on it, be sure to capture it in the picture.  If your luggage is lost, they will ask for any branding, color of suitcase, what will be identifiable if it is opened.


7. Take a picture of your license plate on your car. You might also want to take a picture of the make and model. Should your car be towed for any reason you will need this information. This comes in handy when checking into hotels too.


8. Take photos of any medication bottles, be sure the photo includes the prescription number. This will allow another pharmacy to contact your personal pharmacy in an emergency.


9. When checking into a hotel, take a picture of your room number. This will help you if you have to evacuate and then return to your room.  It is amazing how many people forget their room number.


10. If you are going out with family for the day, snap a picture before you leave the hotel. This way if a member is lost, you will be able to describe the exact items they are wearing.


11. Number eleven on our list of smartphone tips deals with parking. If you are parking in a large lot or unknown area, be sure to take a picture of a landmark or sign near your parking space. This will help you find your car upon return.


Robin Smith, Robin ONeal Smith | October 12, 2017

Robin is a travel writer, podcast, and blog editor. New experiences mixed with a little adventure, travel, making memories, photography, and food top the list of favorites for Robin. She is a wife and mom to a 21-year-old son who is currently studying abroad. Living in rural PA, her favorite destination is a beach! Join Robin as she shares travel adventures, tips, family and multigenerational vacations both in the US and abroad.

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