10 Breathtaking Fall Destinations
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10 Breathtaking Fall Destinations

10 Best Fall Destinations


Experience the beautiful scenery that fall has to offer by taking a short fall getaway, or simply taking a scenic drive to enjoy the season’s vibrant colors. Flight and hotel prices usually drop during fall as well, so don’t miss out on your opportunity to take a spectacular trip with some great views. Here are 10 fall destinations to see the leaves change color.


1. North Carolina

Fall Destinations - North Carolina

One of the most beautiful fall destinations to see the leaves change color is the North Carolina mountains. Take a drive down route 64 and you’ll see some of the state’s famous mountains and urban landscapes before you reach the coast. During this epic road-trip, you’ll be surrounded by a wave of brilliant colors which you won’t soon forget. The leaves start to change color around mid-September in the mountains and sometimes last into November if you’re by the coast.


2. Cheesequake State Park, New Jersey


Number two on our list of the best fall destinations is New Jersey. Enjoy this magical state park by foot or bike, as there are many trails available through the hills and across the marshland. The colors will be the most vibrant during the last week of October, so check it out then!


3. Flagstaff, Arizona

Surprisingly, Arizona is one of the best fall destinations to see the leaves change color. Wilson Meadow is an open landscape with lavish amounts of nature. The Aspen Nature Loop is most famous for their views of the San Francisco Peaks and Kendrick Mountain. Then there’s Bismarck Lake where you can see the fall colors reflect off the water. Enjoy fall festivities as Flagstaff also throws events during the season.

4. The Poconos, Pennsylvania

Fall in the Poconos

Pennsylvania has many spots to offer to enjoy beautiful fall scenery, but nothing beats the Poconos. The forested peaks, lakes and valleys here make for a breathtaking view. Early to mid-October provide the most intense colors.


5. Chicago

Chicago fall destinations

The windy city is home to Millennium Park, where the yellow and orange colors frame the famous bean sculpture perfectly. There’s also the south garden at the Art Institute where a small fountain and reflecting pool is an ideal spot for visitors. The best spot to see the leaves would be the Botanic Garden, where the Japanese maples turn a unique shade of red.


6. Manchester, Vermont


Vermont is always stunning, but when the leaves change color, it becomes somewhat magical. Surround yourself by a sea of yellow, orange, and red anywhere in Manchester. Take a stroll through the country and be amazed by the beautiful fall scenery.


7. New York City

Fall in New York City

The best time to New York City is in the fall. Since temperatures start to drop a touch and the colors are beginning to change, a stroll through Central Park is certainly a must. There are plenty of places to see the leaves change colors including Brooklyn Bridge Park, the Bronx Zoo, and Astoria Park. Don’t forget to catch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

8. Mohawk State Forest, Connecticut

Fall Light Splendor

Enjoy the crisp autumn air and take a hike in this amazing state forest, filled with beautiful fall colors. Peak foliage is at the very end of September to mid-October.


9. The Ozarks, Missouri

"The Fish Trap"

Ozarks is one of the most beautiful fall destinations to see the leaves change color. The Ozark Mountains spans Missouri and Arkansas and covers 47,000 miles so you’re guaranteed to see some stunning landscapes along with the fall colors.


10. Portland

Ideally, if you’re in Portland during the fall, you’ll want to visit Mt. Hood, where the fall colors are spectacular. If you’re staying in the city, head to the Hoyt Arboretum or Japanese Garden. If you have limited time, the South Park Blocks located downtown is full of oaks, maples, and ash trees. The fantastic fall colors here are definitely worth the trip.


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