Affordable Getaways to Help Cure Winter Blues
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Affordable Getaways to Help Cure Winter Blues

Winter Blues: Affordable Getaways

winter blues


When the cold weather comes around, it’s easy for the winter blues to take effect. With snow on the ground, ice on the windshield, and below freezing temperatures to battle with throughout the day, most people just want to get away from it all – and for good reasons too. If you haven’t felt it yet, it’s important to note that the winter blues typically set in right after the holidays, when it’s time to take down your Christmas decorations, get back to work, take care of kids, and prepare yourself for the upcoming year. That’s because the vast majority of people find that winter is an extremely difficult time of year to gather the strength to feel joy and excitement about practically anything.


Fortunately, a visit to any of your favorite warm-climate destinations will have you forgetting about the slush, ice, snow boots, and dark season in no time. So, if you find that you’re unmotivated, checked out, and heavy-hearted, try to fight these feelings by taking steps towards the light – even in the darkest part of winter. That, of course, is easier said than done for some people. If you and your family are in need of a winter vacation, but cost is a major factor, consider one of these affordable – and super fun – destinations where your money will go a lot farther.


Dallas, Texas


dallas tx state sign

Some of you may have all heard that everything’s bigger in Texas – and Dallas does it best to fulfill that promise. Dallas isn’t home to just the Cowboys, Rangers, Mavericks, and Stars, it’s also home to some of the best beaches in the southern part of the U.S. Giving visitors the opportunity to go bird watching, surfing, and swimming – even in the winter time. Dallas is also famous for many things: art, museums, being pleasant, and just for simply being big.


Out of the many fun activities to do in Dallas, one thing visitors enjoy is seeing if they have what it takes to escape the Panic Room. This activity is best if you’re traveling with a big family and have kids well into their teenage years. Otherwise, you might be stuck solving the mysteries yourself while the kids are running around the room playing hide-and-seek.


Another fun activity for the winter blues and the family to try is visiting the aquarium at Fair Park. This aquarium has exhibits and interactive zones for kids that allow them to view the different animals at eye-level. The best part is since the aquarium has games and play areas for kids, you don’t have to rush to leave and find something else to do. Kids normally love visiting aquariums – especially ones that have sharks in them and allow them to feed stingrays as they swim by. After all, if you’re that close to the ocean, wouldn’t you want to know what’s out there?

The Florida Keys

florida beach water shot


The Florida Keys are a string of beautiful tropical islands connected by US Highway 1. The highway stretches approximately 120 miles off the state’s southern point and offers travelers a variety of destinations to help them escape the cold weather. Key West, in particular, is popular for its beautiful beaches, sunsets, and art galleries. They also have hotels and resorts that offer guests affordable rooms that make the environment feel like an old-fashion beach community, with picket fences and porches surrounding each resort. However, some hotels are still a little on the pricey side, so be sure to consider some of the keys farther north like Marathon and Islamorada – which is typically on the cheaper side.


Las Vegas, Nevada


Most people know Las Vegas as “sin city,” but this popular, year-round destination is an ideal spot for warming up during the winter months while also enjoying the entertainment that the city is known for all at an affordable cost. All the while helping to cure your winter blues! As a matter of fact, the U.S. News rates Las Vegas, Nevada as America’s number one wintertime bargain destination since the rates for some of the best hotels on the strip are around $200.00 a night. If you’re willing to be off the strip and away from the slot machines, you can find rooms for less than $50.00 a night. In addition to all the standup comedy shows and live entertainment going on in Las Vegas, visitors can enjoy everything from a peaceful night on a ferris wheel to a heart-stopping moment bungee jumping from the Stratosphere.


San Diego, California

San Diego is another destination that is renowned for its year-round pleasant weather and popular tourist attractions that can help cure the winter blues. While it may not be warm enough for swimming during the winter months, the moderate temperatures are perfect for hopping on your board and going surfing. So, if you ever thought learning how to surf in the wintertime wasn’t possible, think again. These waves are perfect for beginners who don’t mind a little splash every now and then.


Like Vegas, hotel prices are also at their lowest around this time of year and offers a wide selection of fun activities to keep you and your family busy. For example, you can take a stroll on the beach while looking out for whales during their migration, or watch more skilled surfers take on La Jolla and go against big waves. Of course, you wouldn’t want to miss a trip the world-famous San Diego Zoo – and you can save on tickets, too, by purchasing the combo pack that gets you in the zoo, the museum, and other parks as well. The only thing left to do at this point is to capture the moment and take lots of fun pictures. You can check out these travel picture tips to ensure that you’re walking away with nothing but the best images.


So there you have it: four inexpensive getaways that are sure to help cure those winter blues during the dark and cold months. You’d be surprised to know that these little mini-vacations can help boost your mood even when it feels as low as the temperature outside. Be sure to choose one – or all four – and use the experience to help you get through the next few months.


Happy Holidays!


Thanks for the read! There are so many amazing places to visit – that can cure readers winter blues – I couldn’t name them all. What are some other destinations that can help readers get through the dark months of winter? Feel free to leave a comment below.


Herman Davis | December 14, 2017

Davis enjoys being active and finds any excuse to go outside and explore the outdoors. If you can’t catch him online, you might be able to catch him working out at the gym, or cheering on the Boise State Broncos. Follow him on Twitter at @Davis241. Thanks!

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