11 Essential Travel Tips for Your Traveling Checklist

11 Essential Travel Tips for Your Traveling Checklist

By Caroline Costello, SmarterTravel.com | April 27,  2015

Travel Advice WebsiteThe infamous checklist – we all make them in one form or another. As a traveler, it’s essential to use a travel checklist to ensure that you have everything you need before you leave for that dream vacation. Create peace of mind at the beginning of your adventure by checking off the following tasks before you leave.

Check the Weather
Download the Weather Channel app and look at the hour-by-hour predictions for your departure airport. You’ll be able to more accurately predict traffic patterns and whether or not to expect your flight to be delayed. Also, be sure to check your destination weather report as well, as this is your last chance to pack something you may not know you needed.

Flight Status
Always check to make sure your flight is on time before you leave home. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but no traveler wants to sit in an airport for an extended period of time. In today’s connected world, every airline has an app. Download one of check your airline’s website to make sure you’re still on schedule for travel.

Charge Everything
Before traveling, make sure all your devices are charged just in case you find yourself in a situation where power is unobtainable. You never know when you’ll all of a sudden need to use your smartphone to change a flight or book at last minute hotel room in case of a cancellation. Smart travelers are also sure to download any movies or e-books while still connected to reliable w-fi.

Unplug Your Major Appliances
Don’t forget to unplug all of your major appliances (except our refrigerator). Even when you aren’t using things such as your TV, computer, etc., they still use a small amount of energy.

Double Check Your Travel Documents
Check passport expiration dates, visa applications and other important documents well in advance of your departure date. Make it a habit to double, triple and quadruple check that you have your passport, ID and other necessities on hand and NOT in your checked bag.

Check Your Email
Last-second travel changes happen all the time, and most of those notifications come in the email form. In the event that a flight time or check-in time has been changed, it’s important that you’re able to tackle the issue at home where you have strong wi-fi or cell service.

Check Wait Times
Download the TSA App and regularly check airport-security time estimates. These estimates are never exact, but you’ll have a better idea of how early you need to leave for the airport, which can be a game changers if you’re traveling with children or meeting up with other travelers.

Check the Traffic
Don’t wait until you’re sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic to realize that you should have checked the traffic on the way to the airport. Accidents, construction or simple congestion are frequent causes for a missed flight. Waze is a great smartphone app that offers real-time updates sourced from other drivers in the area.

Bring A Snack
From granola bars, to light sandwiches, bring something to eat just in case the airport doesn’t have anything too appealing. Click here to view other flight-friendly and healthy recipes to use while you’re traveling.

Check Your Medications
Frequently check the levels of your required medications well before your departure date. Always travel with your medicine in your carry-on bag, just in case you find yourself stranded in your new destination without your checked luggage.

Take Pictures of Your Documents
Smartphones have some incredible cameras, use them for more than just window seat selfies! Snap some pictures of your ID, credit cards, insurance card and passport, as well as your checked luggage, just in case a problem arises. Since there will be a fair amount of personal information on your phone, make sure your smartphone is password protected just in case you should misplace it while traveling.

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