7 Most Annoying Things that can Happen During Air Travel
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7 Most Annoying Things that can Happen During Air Travel

Shannon McMahon, SmarterTravel.com | December 23, 2015

Travel Advice and TipsAlmost anything can make a flight miserable but these are the 7 most annoying things that can happen during air travel and how to make them better.

1.     There’s a bratty kid onboard

Remember, it typically isn’t the parents’ fault that their child is acting up on a flight. It’s not fair to be rude to them. They want to air travel, and their kids should be able to join them. Kids will most likely get something to calm them down eventually–whether it’s food, sleep or anything else. Be patient. If it continues, you can always ask to move to another seat on the airplane, though there’s usually no escaping a crying baby on an airplane.

2.     Your seatmate stinks

There’s no easy way to tell a stranger that they smell. If bad breath is the issue, offer a piece of gum or a mint. If body odor is the issue, direct your overhead air nozzle to blow air directly at your face. This, hopefully, will help mask the smell. If it’s so bad that neither tactic works, discreetly ask the flightattendant if you can switch to another open seat on the airplane.

3.     You get stuck with the middle seat

Honestly, your flight won’t be completely enjoyable if you’re in the middle seat. To make air travel better, claim at least one armrest before your seatmates do. It’s commonly understood that the middle passenger gets at least one of the armrests to themselves, if not both. Don’t feel bad about reclining your seat or using a neck pillow, either.

4.     You sit next to a chatty Kathy

When you’re stuck next to an overly talkative neighbor and you’d like to be left alone during air travel, headphones, books or an eyemask usually do the trick. If that doesn’t work, mention that you’re really jetlagged and want to get somesleep or are trying to finish your book.

5.     Your in-flight entertainment doesn’t work

This can happen, and when it does, it’s awful–especially on a long, international flight. When possible, come prepared with your own entertainment. Download movies or shows ahead of time on a laptop, ipad or other portable electronic device. If you’re unprepared and the inflightentertainment doesn’t work at your airplane seat, ask if there is an empty seat you can switch to. If that doesn’t work, ask the flight attendants if there is any extra reading material onboard.

6.     Someone panics

Though this is generally very rare, once in a while, a passenger freaks out on during air travel. Whether it be about the airplane crashing or any other emergency, it’s best to let the flight crew handle this. You can try to be nice and comfort your neighbor if you want, but don’t feel obligated. The number one thing to remember when faced with a panicked passenger onboard a flight is that there is likely no real reason behind their fear, therefore you should not let it affect you.

7.     In-flight food is gross

Nothing makes an already tough flight worse than a bad meal. It’s a safe bet to bring your own food rather than rely on the airline’s food. If you do opt for the inflight meal and it’s inedible, ask to switch for the other option. Most flight attendants will say yes, and the worst that can happen is they say no.

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