Airline Travel Tips – How to Survive a Flight Delay
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Airline Travel Tips – How to Survive a Flight Delay

For past many years flight delays have been broking grim records consistently. There are many reasons why a flight could be delayed. If there are reports of upcoming hurricane, snowstorm or erupting Icelandic volcano in the news around the time of your travel, be better prepared for the delays. Flight delays are worst nightmares for any travelers. It can result into missed connection, ruined vacation, missed meeting. But if you only plan your trip wisely by taking heed of few things, you can easily minimize the effects of the delay and make your journey a comfortable one. Here we will show you some of the recommended ways to survive flight delays.

Avoid booking last hour flight

Always try to book early hours flight for departure, if there is a delay you still have enough time to reschedule your day. In case of flight cancellation, you have enough time to book another flight or make alternate arrangements. If you book last flight of the day and it gets delayed, you will be left stranded at the airport.

Use the kiosk

After a ground delay on a recent business trip, I missed the United connection in Denver. There was a massive rebooking line at the customer service desk, which literally ran through Terminal B. There was a little do-it-yourself kiosk nearby which no one seemed to be interested in. Instead everyone was calling 800 number. I pulled my flight info at the kiosk. I was already rebooked by the United. I just gave my name for the standby list for an earlier flight. The entire process did not take me more than three minutes. So if you see those kiosks around, don’t be afraid to use them.

Check your flight status before you leave the home

Make it a good practice to always check for flight status before you leave home, this is even more important if you are heading to a weather-affected airport. Most of the airlines inform their passengers in advance through sms or e-mails. But sometimes they may miss to inform. Checking the status before stepping out of your home will not only save you precious time but will also help you avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

Pack yourself some food

On flight delays, most airlines provide food, snacks and water through meal voucher. But this may not be the case all the time. So if you are departing from weather affected airport, carry yourself some packed food. Keep yourself well hydrated. Don’t fell into trap of drinking water only during your meal time.

Know flight cancellation/delay policy

You should have a fair idea of your airline cancellation and delay policy. It will help you make alternate arrangement or get refunds. You can easily find this information on the airline’s website you are travelling.

Keep important contact numbers handy

If you are departing from weather affected airport, keep a note of important contact numbers like any nearby friend, cab booking number of destination airport, airline customer care number.

Keep your cool

It is not an easy situation when flight is delayed and you are stranded, connection is missed or your trip is ruined. There is nothing you can do to prevent flight delays, but to accept the fact. Keep your cool and behave nicely to the airline customer representatives. Sometimes they may help you beyond their limits because of your behavior.

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