Japan Travel Tips – Hanami Checklist
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Japan Travel Tips – Hanami Checklist

By TripleLights.com | March 30, 2015

What to Bring

Picnic Mat
“100 Yen Shops” are your best bet to find generic picnic mats. For higher quality products, head to Don Quixote.

Paper Cups, Plates and Disposable Chopsticks
Planning on holding a potluck? Disposable utensils and plates are a must have to share food with your friends and family.

Plastic Cups & Wine Glasses
No picnic is complete without your favorite beverage, so head to your nearest 100 Yen Shop and pick up plastic cups and glasses to avoid the dangerous mess created by broken glass.

Hand Warmers & Sweaters
As with Spring-time in almost every geographic location across the globe, nighttime hours can get quite chilly. Be prepared by bringing something warm to wear and if necessary, hand warmers to make your blossom viewing experience a pleasant and comfortable one.

20 years or older? Wine and beer can be easily purchased at your local grocery or convenience store.

There are certain foods that are only available during the Cherry blossom season. Sakura mocha, a confectionary made of sweet red bean past and mocha wrapped in a cherry leaf that has been dipped in salt water, is a popular Hanami choice. Themed Bento boxes are also available for purchase and can be found in department store basements such as Isetan and Sogo.

Yatai Food
Set up alongside the blooming sakura, there are a plethora of stalls you can find during the day and night. There, you can expect to find typical Japanese cuisines such as yakisoba (stir-fried noodles), takoyaki (a ball-shaped snack filled with octopus) and chocolate covered bananas.

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